Richard Portnow

Richard Portnow (born January 26, 1947) is an American actor who has appeared on The Sopranos and many other films, video games, and television shows. He was also on Hannah Montana. ... more on Wikipedia

Richard Portnow Filmography

movie 2015 The Gold Rush Boogie as Frankie gagalino
movie 2014 Brass Knuckles as Older Cop
movie 2014 Demo as The Professor
movie 2014 Dirty People as Max
movie 2014 Higher Power as Charles Margrey
movie 2014 Icky: An American Dog Story as Ripper
movie 2014 Just Who Does This Child Take After?! 3D as Grandfather
movie 2014 Red Team Go as The Pawn Shop Owner
movie 2014 Spring Break '83 as Dean Martin
movie 2014 The Fourth Noble Truth as Bernie
movie 2014 The Girl and the Woman as Sir Archibald
movie 2014 Wild Things in Europe 3D as John
movie 2013 A Voice in the Dark as Dr. Levi
movie 2013 Duke as Carroll Green
tv movie 2013 In the Dark as Detective Archer
movie 2013 Oldboy as Bernie Sharkey
movie 2013 Slightly Single in L.A.
movie 2013 This Last Lonely Place as Jason Pure
movie 2013 Underdogs as John Handon II
movie 2012 A Night of Nightmares as Cliff Tanner
movie 2012 Hitchcock as Barney Balaban
movie 2012 Hotchfeld as Salvatore Vorrato
tv movie 2012 Imaginary Friend as Dan
movie 2012 Two Jacks as Lorenzo
tv movie 2011 The Christmas Pageant as Leo Brenner
tv movie 2010 Jack's Family Adventure as Denny Simpkins
movie 2010 Killer by Nature as Walter
movie 2010 Privileged as Mr. Rothman
tv movie 2010 The Wish List as Lenny
movie 2010 Who's Huge in Sports? as Himself
movie 2009 Law Abiding Citizen as Bill Reynolds
movie 2009 Life Is Hot in Cracktown as Guy from 4 K
movie 2009 Under New Management as Carmello Conforte
movie 2008 The Spirit as Donenfeld
video movie 2008 Tinker Bell as Minister of Autumn
movie 2007 Chasing Robert as Ed Thorton
movie 2007 Good Time Max as Head Administrator
movie 2007 Made in Brooklyn as Louis
movie 2007 Perfect Stranger as Narron
video movie 2007 That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana as Marty Klein
movie 2007 The Indian as Elliot
movie 2007 The Minis as Jack
movie 2007 In Pursuit of Woody Allen
movie 2006 Find Me Guilty as Max Novardis
movie 2005 Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits as Jerry Kaminski
tv movie 2005 Trump Unauthorized as Mayor Ed Koch
movie 2004 Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding as Vinnie Black
movie 2004 Under the City as Minks
movie 2003 Stereotypes as Emergency Radio Announcer
movie 2002 Poolhall Junkies as Toupee Jay
movie 2001 Double Bang as Lieutenant Shatkin
tv movie 2001 Laughter on the 23rd Floor as Harry Prince
movie 2001 Zigs as Arnold Zigman
movie 2000 Happy Accidents as Trip
movie 2000 Lured Innocence as Jack Shelby
movie 2000 The Mystery of Spoon River as Agent Cicarelli
movie 2000 The Unscarred as Tommy Matolla
movie 1999 Ballad of the Nightingale as Arnie D'Angelo
movie 1999 Choose Life as Vito Ungaro
movie 1999 Desert Thunder as Adm. Le Clair
movie 1999 Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai as Handsome Frank
tv movie 1999 Kilroy as Ed Gray
movie 1999 Road Kill as Charboneau
tv movie 1999 The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All as Vincent Lo Russo
tv movie 1999 Witness Protection as Niko
movie 1998 Fallen Arches as Nicky Kaplan
movie 1998 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as Wine Colored Tuxedo
movie 1998 Milo as Lieutenant Parker
movie 1998 My Giant as Producer
movie 1998 Postal Worker as Dr. Nicholas Brink
movie 1998 Shadow of Doubt as Marvin Helm
tv movie 1997 Bella Mafia as Anthony Moreno
movie 1997 Brittle Glory as Sid Higgins
movie 1997 Guy as Al
movie 1997 Mad City as Brackett's Agent
movie 1997 Naked in the Cold Sun
movie 1997 Private Parts as Ben Stern
movie 1996 Bogus as M. Clay Thrasher
movie 1995 Across the Moon as Roy
tv movie 1995 Donor Unknown as Hal Cooney
tv movie 1995 Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Lightning as Monaghan
tv movie 1995 Indictment: The McMartin Trial as Judge George
movie 1995 Man of the House as Joey Renda, Frank's Son
movie 1995 Se7en as Dr. Beardsley
tv movie 1994 Dragstrip Girl as Det. Dryden
movie 1994 Lipstick Camera as Detective Vorkopich
tv movie 1994 Ray Alexander: A Taste for Justice
movie 1994 Ripley's Believe It or Not as Robert L. Ripley
movie 1994 S.F.W. as Gerald Parsley
movie 1994 Trial by Jury as Leo Greco
tv movie 1993 Based on an Untrue Story as Disturbing Caller
movie 1993 Heart and Souls as Max Marco
movie 1993 Night Eyes Three as Kaplan
movie 1992 Beethoven as Man with Gun in Briefcase
movie 1992 Sister Act as Willy
movie 1992 There Goes the Neighborhood as Marty Rollins
movie 1991 Barton Fink as Detective Mastrionotti
movie 1991 Father of the Bride as Al - the Tux Salesman
movie 1991 For the Boys as Milt, Recording Studio
tv movie 1991 Perry Mason: The Case of the Maligned Mobster as Dave Barrett
movie 1990 Havana as Mike MacClaney
movie 1990 Kindergarten Cop as Captain Salazar
movie 1990 Tune in Tomorrow... as Uncle Luke
tv movie 1989 A Deadly Silence as D.A. Ed Jablonski
movie 1989 Chattahoochee as Dr. Debner
movie 1989 Meet the Hollowheads as Mr. Crabneck
tv movie 1989 Original Sin as Vincent
tv movie 1989 Peter Gunn as Spiros
movie 1989 Say Anything... as IRS Agent Stewart
movie 1988 In Dangerous Company as Kellog
movie 1988 Twins as Chop Shop Owner
tv movie 1987 Almost Partners as Nicky
movie 1987 Good Morning, Vietnam as Dan 'The Man' Levitan
movie 1987 Hiding Out as Mr. Lessig
tv movie 1987 Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam as Harry Long
movie 1987 Radio Days as Sy
movie 1987 The Squeeze as Ruben
movie 1987 Tin Men as Carly
movie 1987 Weeds as Guard
tv movie 1986 Courage as Frankie Ce De Baca
movie 1985 Desperately Seeking Susan as Party Guest
tv movie 1983 Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer as Bartender
movie 1980 Roadie as First New York Wino
movie The Hotchfeld Chronicles as Salvatore Vorrato
tv series The Castle as Leon

Richard Portnow on Youtube

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Liz and Salim have the pleasure of interviewing the co-star of Hitchcock, Richard Portnow who discusses his acting career and the inside story on the making ...

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Actor Richard Portnow attends the pre-release party for "Fools on the Hill" at Cafe Entourage in Hollywood, CA. Mr. Portnow discusses the documentary, being ...