Richard Smith

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Richard Smith Filmography

movie 1936 Fibbing Fibbers
movie 1934 Bridal Bail
movie 1932 Beautiful But Dumb
movie 1931 Double Decoy
movie 1931 The Cat's Paw
movie 1930 College Cuties
movie 1930 The Freshman's Goat
movie 1929 Watch Your Friends
movie 1928 Stop That Man
movie 1927 Baby Brother
movie 1927 A Sleepy Time Pal
movie 1927 Ali Gazam
movie 1927 High and Dizzy
movie 1927 Surprised Honey
movie 1927 A One Man Show
movie 1927 Oh! What a Kick!
movie 1927 Red Suspenders
movie 1927 Why Mules Leave Home
movie 1926 Find the Woman as George Stevenson
movie 1926 Babes in the Sawdust
movie 1926 Do or Bust
movie 1926 Fresh Paint
movie 1926 Help Wanted
movie 1926 Hook or Crook
movie 1926 Horse Laugh
movie 1926 It's All Over Now
movie 1926 Love's Labor Lost
movie 1926 Mixed Doubles
movie 1926 Nobody Loves Me
movie 1926 The College Yell
movie 1926 The Crowned Prince
movie 1926 The Optimist
movie 1926 The Phoney Express
movie 1926 The Thirteenth Man
movie 1926 What Price Pleasure?
movie 1926 Where's My Baby?
movie 1926 Who's Next?
movie 1926 Wide Open Faces
movie 1926 Wild Bill
movie 1926 Wise or Otherwise
movie 1926 Wives and Women
movie 1925 A Nice Pickle
movie 1925 Locked Out
movie 1925 Muddled Up
movie 1925 Nearly Rich
movie 1925 Nicely Rewarded
movie 1925 Pleasure Bent
movie 1925 Rolling Stones
movie 1925 Speak Easy
movie 1925 The Cat's Whiskers
movie 1925 The Greenhorn
movie 1925 The Lost Cord
movie 1925 The Lucky Accident
movie 1925 The Milky Way
movie 1925 Black Gold Bricks
movie 1925 City Bound
movie 1925 Papa's Pet
movie 1925 Sleeping Sickness
movie 1925 Tenting Out
movie 1925 Under a Spell
movie 1925 Unwelcome
movie 1924 Feather Pushers
movie 1924 Marry When Young
movie 1924 Mind Your Doctor
movie 1924 Ship Ahoy!
movie 1924 The Jail Bird
movie 1924 The Mandarin
movie 1924 Green Tees
movie 1924 Horse Play
movie 1923 Little Miss Hollywood
movie 1923 Taking Orders
movie 1923 Chasing Wealth
movie 1921 Boulevard Profiteers
movie 1921 Humor Risk
movie 1921 Who Chose Your Wife?
movie 1920 Cinderella Cinders as The Butler
movie 1920 Dames and Dentists
movie 1920 Distilled Love as The Color Blind Artist
movie 1920 Her Lucky Day
movie 1920 Lunatics in Politics
movie 1920 A Convict's Happy Bride
movie 1920 A Wooden Legacy
movie 1920 Good Night, Nurse
movie 1920 Rubes and Romance
movie 1920 Squirrel Time
movie 1919 A Rag Time Romance
movie 1919 Bungs and Bunglers
movie 1919 Cymbelles and Boneheads
movie 1919 Flips and Flops
movie 1919 Healthy and Happy
movie 1919 Jazz and Jailbirds as Thief
movie 1919 Let Fido Do It
movie 1919 Mates and Models as A Rival Artist
movie 1919 Squabs and Squabbles
movie 1919 Switches and Sweeties
movie 1919 Tootsies and Tamales
movie 1919 Yaps and Yokels as The Father
movie 1918 Ambrose and His Widow
movie 1918 Scars and Bars
movie 1918 Ash-Can Alley
movie 1917 Fatty's Feature Fillum as Desmond
movie 1917 Ring Rivals
movie 1917 Double Dukes
movie 1917 Hearts and Flour
movie 1917 Little Bo-Peep
movie 1917 Street Cars and Carbuncles
movie 1917 That Dawgone Dog
movie 1917 The Sign of the Cucumber
movie 1917 Vamping Reuben's Millions
movie 1916 A Rural Romance
movie 1916 Dad's Dollars and Dirty Doings as Lizzie's Sweetheart
movie 1916 Flirtation a la Carte as Dick - the Friend
movie 1916 Her Naughty Eyes as Dick - Harry's Rival
movie 1916 How Stars Are Made
movie 1916 Saving Susie from the Sea as Dave
movie 1916 Shooting His 'Art Out
movie 1916 The Bankruptcy of Boggs and Schultz
movie 1916 The Double's Troubles
movie 1916 The Great Smash
movie 1915 A Bathhouse Tragedy as Hank's Assistant
movie 1915 A Doomed Hero
movie 1915 A Stool Pigeon's Revenge
movie 1915 Disguised But Discovered as Papa
movie 1915 Easy Money
movie 1915 From Beanery to Billions as Alice's Father-in-Law
movie 1915 In and Out of Society
movie 1915 In the Claw of the Law
movie 1915 Life and Moving Pictures
movie 1915 Poor But Dishonest as The Foreman
movie 1915 Scandal in the Family
movie 1915 The Curse of a Name
movie 1915 Too Many Bachelors as One of Peggy's Suitors
movie 1915 Under the Table
movie 1914 An Incompetent Hero as Cop
movie 1914 Gussle, the Golfer as Card Player
movie 1914 The Noise of Bombs as Station Cop
movie 1914 Tillie's Punctured Romance as Restaurant Patron

Richard Smith on Youtube

Up coming course taught by Richard Smith, chief instructor at Bad Company Gym Leeds UK.

Promo for the upcoming British short "The Wounded" Directed By Alex Hardie, staring Kieran Dyde & Richard Smith.

Here is the 1984 reissue trailer to Disney classic 'Pinocchio"! This comes from Disc 2 of my Blu-Ray release of the film. Sorry for the bright quality, it's ...

A test for my new Vegas Movie Studio software, I corrected the originally low-pitch of this video into the correct pitch. Enjoy.