Richard X. Slattery

Richard Xavier Slattery (June 26, 1925 ? January 27, 1997) was a long-time character actor in film and television. ... more on Wikipedia

Richard X. Slattery Filmography

tv movie 1990 A Family for Joe as Old Officer Finney
tv series 1985 Space as Navy Captain
movie 1979 The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again as Sgt. Slaughter
tv movie 1976 Louis Armstrong - Chicago Style as First Detective
movie 1976 The Zebra Force
tv movie 1975 Adventures of the Queen as Riley
movie 1974 Black Eye as Bowen
movie 1974 Busting as Desk Sergeant
movie 1974 Herbie Rides Again as Traffic Commissioner
tv movie 1974 Wonder Woman as Colonel Henkins
tv movie 1973 Of Men and Women
movie 1973 The No Mercy Man as Mark Hand
movie 1973 Walking Tall as Arno Purdy
tv movie 1971 After the Honeymoon
tv movie 1968 Now You See It, Now You Don't as Haggarty
movie 1968 The Boston Strangler as Det. Capt. Ed Willis
movie 1968 The Secret War of Harry Frigg as MP Sergeant
movie 1967 A Time for Killing as Cpl. Paddy Darling
movie 1964 A Distant Trumpet as Sgt. Fry
movie 1960 BUtterfield 8 as State Trooper
movie 1946 Till the End of Time as Captain

Richard X. Slattery on Youtube

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