Rick Almada

Rick Almada Filmography

movie 2011 Papa Zeus as Dr. Roe & the Chairman
movie 2008 The Run as The Mayor
movie 2006 Control as Simpson
movie 2006 Heirloom as Mr. Menendez
movie 2006 Soft Target as Kantor
movie 2005 Gettin' Lucky as Father
movie 2003 Jack Woody as Dr. Foxcroft
movie 2003 Love and Loathing at the Ass Lamp Lounge as The Drunk
movie 2001 Listen as Reno

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The power of perception can create and destroy our reality.A Self absorbed psychiatrist faces incarceration in a mental ward due to a delusional self-proclai...

This is my demo reel.

Scene from Papa Zeus. Entire movie available via www.rickyrick131.com Lunch Thief scene with Jim Callahan as "Sherbert", Sabrina Bolin as "June Hart" and ...