Rick Wheeler

Rick Wheeler Filmography

movie 2012 Love and Magic as Rick Dupin
movie 2011 The Altar Men as Office Creeper
movie 2011 Tick-Tock Death Clock
movie 2010 Buddy Love as Paint Sniffer
video movie 2010 Bumpers as Narrator

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Ugh, Wheeler? Really 4kids? ...Kinda surprised he doesn't have an exaggerated 'Yorker accent in the show. Tristan's voice really fits him.

F-Zero GP Legend es un juego de carreras que salio a la venta en estados unidos el 20 de septiembre de 2004. Es la quinta entrega de la saga F-Zero y la ...

Now that we have completed Grand Prix mode, let's now start on the next mode on this game: Story mode. In story mode you can play as 8 different characters (.

Rick heads to Shannonville, ON to learn how to pull an 18-wheeler out of a skid.