Ricky Ng

Ricky Ng Filmography

movie 1997 Dak jung fai fu
movie 1996 Xin die xue shuang xiong
movie 1995 Hu meng wei long
movie 1995 Mei you lao gong de ri zi
movie 1994 Xi wo yi ge wen
movie 1994 Yuan fen xin tian kong
movie 1991 Biao ge wo lai ye
movie 1991 Gui gan bu
movie 1990 Chi se da feng bao
movie 1988 Xie luo ji
movie 1983 Feng sheng shui qi

Ricky Ng on Youtube

Final Project @ The University of Salford.

This is my Showreel for visual effects. I also have used Maya, Photoshop, Illustartor, Motion, and Premiere Pro to create this video. I do not own the rights...

I restored it, best quality. Hu meng wei long Very badass and underrated movie, it's basically a clone of Die Hard & Under Siege, badass stunts and shootouts...

The video was the "making of" of the three simulated TVC of Burts Bees (graduation project) done by the graduates from Higher Diploma in Multimedia (Advertis.