Rileah Vanderbilt

Rileah Vanderbilt Filmography

movie 2014 Evil Nature as Deputy
tv series 2014 Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour
tv movie 2013 Chiller 13: Great American Slashers as Herself
tv movie 2013 Chiller 13: Most Horrifying Hook-ups as Herself
movie 2013 Digging Up the Marrow as Herself
movie 2013 Hatchet III as Dougherty
movie 2013 Hatchet III: Behind the Scenes as Herself
video movie 2013 Save Stan's Twitter: Team Unicorn as Herself
movie 2013 The Return of Return of the Jedi: 30 Years and Counting as Herself
movie 2013 Wonder Woman as Wonder Woman
movie 2012 Saber 2: Return of the Body Wash as Jedi
tv movie 2012 Top 100 Video Games of All Time as Herself
tv movie 2011 Chiller 13: Horror's Creepiest Kids as Herself
tv movie 2011 FEARnet's Movies with More Brains as Herself
video movie 2011 Hatchet II: Behind the Screams as Herself
movie 2011 No Rest for the Wicked: A Basil & Moebius Adventure as Bartender
tv series 2011 Sexy Nightmare Slayers
video movie 2010 Beating the Mountain: Surviving 'Frozen' as Herself
movie 2010 Frozen as Shannon
movie 2010 Hatchet II as Young Victor Crowley
movie 2009 Saber as Jedi
movie 2009 The Tivo as Susan
movie 2008 Boner Boyz!
movie 2008 Fairy Tale Police as Little Red Riding Hood
video movie 2007 Guts & Gore: The FX of 'Hatchet' as Herself
movie 2007 King in the Box as Mrs. Box
movie 2007 Spiral as Girl on Bus
movie 2006 Hatchet as Young Victor Crowley

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