Rob Romero

Rob Romero Filmography

movie 2014 Day 1 as Gun Victim
movie 2014 Fraternal Nightmares as Jim Parker
movie 2014 Midnight in the Heart of Mancreet as Marty Cofax
movie 2013 Bane Rises Fan Film as Detective Flass
movie 2013 M3ntal State as Uncle Shear
movie 2013 Taco's Redemption as Nick's Dad
movie 2013 Taco's: Revenge as Nicks Dad
movie 2013 The Dirty Sanchez as Dirty Sanchez
movie 2013 The One Who Cares as Jim
movie 2013 Whom I Fear as Michaels Dad
movie 2013 T.Snoot
movie 2013 Parinama
movie 2012 Fear in Shadows as Carmine Falcone
movie 2012 Poetic as Randy
movie 2012 Ride Along as Phone Voice
movie 2012 The Christmas Mummy as Bouncer Bob
movie 2012 We Are Real People Too as Himself
movie 2011 Apply Within as Applicant 1
movie 2011 Planet Dead as Striped Shirt Zombie
movie 2011 The Black Earth as Doc Harrison
movie 2011 Widdershins as Zombie #1
movie 2010 Holiday Carvings as Daddy

Rob Romero on Youtube

Fraternal Nightmares Teaser Trailer Starring Rob Romero, Lexie Romero, Richard Bunch, Randy Beasley, Heather Dorff, Nicole Dreger, Kris Williamson, ...

A look behind the scenes with team Noveske's Rob Romero. A top contender in the populated Tactical Optics division, Romero is among the elite shooters in ...


This video is a departure from our normal offering. In honor of Rob Romero's extraordinary performance at the 2010 FNH USA Midwest 3 Gun Championship ...