Robert Alda

Robert Alda (February 26, 1914 ? May 3, 1986) was an American actor. He was the father of actors Alan Alda and Antony Alda. ... more on Wikipedia

Robert Alda Filmography

video movie 2012 Lucy Moves to NBC: A Remembrance as Outtakes & clips from 'Lucy Moves to NBC'
tv movie 1985 The Annual ACLU Tribute: A Salute to Sidney Lumet as Himself
tv movie 1981 Rhapsody and Song: A Tribute to George Gershwin as Himself - Host
tv movie 1980 Lucy Moves to NBC as Mr. Luder
movie 1980 The 6th People's Choice Awards as Himself - Performer
tv movie 1979 But Mother! as Paul Fitzpatrick
movie 1978 Every Girl Should Have One as Adam Becker
tv movie 1978 Fame as Concierge
tv movie 1978 Perfect Gentlemen as Ed Martin
tv movie 1978 Spider-Man Strikes Back as Mr. White
tv movie 1978 The 30th Annual Emmy Awards as Himself - Presenter: Best Directing in a Comedy Series
tv movie 1978 The 4th Annual People's Choice Awards as Himself
tv movie 1978 The Rock Rainbow as Malone
movie 1978 The Squeeze as Captain Donati
movie 1976 Bittersweet Love as Ben Peterson
movie 1976 I Will... I Will... For Now as Dr. Magnus
movie 1976 Natale in casa d'appuntamento
movie 1976 Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood as Richard Entwhistle
movie 1975 Cagliostro as Pope Clement XIII
tv movie 1975 Last Hours Before Morning as Theo 'Lucky' English
movie 1975 The House of Exorcism as Father Michael
movie 1973 Le serpent as Polygraph interrogator
movie 1969 The Girl Who Knew Too Much as Kenneth Allandice
movie 1967 All Woman as Wally
tv movie 1965 The 19th Annual Tony Awards as Himself - Presenter
tv series 1965 Days of Our Lives as Dr. Stuart Whyland
movie 1962 I moschettieri del mare as Vice Governatore Gomez
movie 1962 Totò e Peppino divisi a Berlino as Lo Bianco
movie 1961 Force of Impulse as Warren Reese
tv movie 1961 La padrona di raggio di luna
movie 1961 The Devil's Hand as Rick Turner
movie 1960 Il sepolcro dei re as Inuni - Pharaoh's Architect
movie 1960 La vendetta dei barbari as Ataulf
movie 1960 Un militare e mezzo as Roy Harrison
movie 1959 Imitation of Life as Allen Loomis
tv series 1956 Can Do as Emcee
movie 1955 Assignment Abroad as Major Bill Morgan
movie 1955 La donna più bella del mondo as Maestro Doria
tv series 1955 The Robert Alda Show
tv series 1953 Personality Puzzle as Host
tv series 1953 What's Your Bid as Host
movie 1951 Mister Universe as Fingers Maroni
tv movie 1951 Premiere
movie 1951 Two Gals and a Guy as Deke Oliver
tv series 1951 Love of Life as Jason Ferris
movie 1950 Hollywood Varieties as Master of Ceremonies
movie 1950 Tarzan and the Slave Girl as Neil
tv series 1950 By Popular Demand as Host
movie 1949 Homicide as Andy
movie 1948 April Showers as Billy Shay
movie 1947 Nora Prentiss as Phil Dinardo, Cafe Owner
movie 1947 The Man I Love as Nicky Toresca
movie 1946 Cinderella Jones as Tommy Coles
movie 1946 Cloak and Dagger as Pinkie
movie 1946 The Beast with Five Fingers as Conrad Ryler
movie 1945 Rhapsody in Blue as George Gershwin

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