Robert Barrat

Robert Harriot Barrat (10 July 1889 ? 7 January 1970) was an American stage, motion picture, and television character actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Robert Barrat Filmography

tv movie 2003 Complicated Women as Himself
movie 1976 America at the Movies as 'Red' Baxter
movie 1964 The Big Parade of Comedy as Baxter in 'Go West'
movie 1955 Tall Man Riding as Tucker Ordway
movie 1953 Cow Country as Walt Garnet
movie 1952 Denver and Rio Grande as Charlie Haskins
movie 1952 Son of Ali Baba as Commandant
movie 1951 Darling, How Could You! as Mr. Rossiter
movie 1951 Distant Drums as Gen. Zachary Taylor
movie 1951 Double Crossbones as Henry Morgan
movie 1951 Flight to Mars as Tillamar
movie 1951 The Pride of Maryland as Colonel Harding
movie 1950 American Guerrilla in the Philippines as Gen. Douglas MacArthur
movie 1950 Davy Crockett, Indian Scout as James Lone Eagle
movie 1950 Riders of the Range as Sheriff Cole
movie 1950 The Baron of Arizona as Judge Adams
movie 1950 The Kid from Texas as General Lew Wallace
movie 1949 Bad Men of Tombstone as Leadville Sheriff
movie 1949 Canadian Pacific as Cornelius Van Horne
movie 1949 Song of India as Maharajah of Ramjat
movie 1949 The Doolins of Oklahoma as Marshal Heck Thomas
movie 1949 The Lone Wolf and His Lady as Steve Taylor
movie 1948 I Love Trouble as Lt. Quint
movie 1948 Joan of Arc as Jacques d'Arc
movie 1948 Relentless as Ed Simpson
movie 1947 Road to Rio as Johnson
movie 1947 The Fabulous Texan as Dr. Sharp
movie 1947 The Sea of Grass as Judge Seth White, Salt Fork
movie 1946 Dangerous Millions as Hendrick Van Boyden
movie 1946 Just Before Dawn as Clyde Travers
movie 1946 Magnificent Doll as Mr. Payne
movie 1946 Road to Utopia as Sperry
movie 1946 Strangler of the Swamp as Christian Sanders
movie 1946 Sunset Pass as Rand Curtis
movie 1946 The Time of Their Lives as Maj. Putnam
movie 1945 Dakota as Anson Stowe
movie 1945 Grissly's Millions as Grissly Morgan Palmor
movie 1945 San Antonio as Colonel Johnson
movie 1945 The Great John L. as Billy Muldoon
movie 1945 They Were Expendable as Gen. Douglas MacArthur
movie 1945 Wanderer of the Wasteland as Uncle Jim Collinshaw
movie 1944 Enemy of Women as Wallburg the Publisher
movie 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain as Horace E. Bixby, Riverboat Captain
movie 1944 The Keys of the Kingdom as Willie's Father
movie 1943 A Stranger in Town as Mayor Connison
movie 1943 Bomber's Moon as Ernst
movie 1943 Johnny Come Lately as Bill Swain
movie 1943 They Came to Blow Up America as Capt. Kranz
movie 1942 American Empire as Crowder
movie 1942 Fall In as Col. Elliott
movie 1942 The Girl from Alaska as Frayne
movie 1941 Parachute Battalion as Col. Burke
movie 1941 Riders of the Purple Sage as Judge Dyer
movie 1941 They Met in Argentina as Don Enrique de los Santos O'Shea
movie 1940 'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers) as Humphrey Towne
movie 1940 Captain Caution as Capt. Dorman
movie 1940 Fugitive from a Prison Camp as Chester Russell
movie 1940 Go West as 'Red' Baxter
movie 1940 Laddie as Mr. John Stanton
movie 1940 The Man from Dakota as Parson Summers
movie 1939 Allegheny Uprising as Duncan
movie 1939 Bad Lands as Sheriff Bill Cummings
movie 1939 Colorado Sunset as Dr. Rodney Blair
movie 1939 Conspiracy as Tio
movie 1939 Heritage of the Desert as Andrew Naab
movie 1939 Man of Conquest as David Crockett
movie 1939 Return of the Cisco Kid as Sheriff McNally
movie 1939 The Cisco Kid and the Lady as Jim Harbison
movie 1939 Union Pacific as Duke Ring
movie 1938 Breakdowns of 1938 as Himself
movie 1938 Breaking the Ice as William Decker
movie 1938 Charlie Chan in Honolulu as Captain Johnson
movie 1938 Forbidden Valley as Ramrod Locke
movie 1938 Marie Antoinette as Citizen-Officer
movie 1938 Penitentiary as Prison Yard Capt. Grady
movie 1938 Shadows Over Shanghai as Igor Sargoza
movie 1938 The Buccaneer as Captain Brown
movie 1938 The Texans as Isaiah Middlebrack
movie 1937 Black Legion as Brown
movie 1937 Confession as Prosecuting Attorney
movie 1937 Draegerman Courage as Martin Crane
movie 1937 God's Country and the Woman as Jefferson Russett
movie 1937 Love Is on the Air as J.D. Harrington
movie 1937 Mountain Justice as Jeff Harkins
movie 1937 Souls at Sea as The Reverend
movie 1937 The Bad Man of Brimstone as 'Hank' Summers
movie 1937 The Barrier as John Gale
movie 1937 The Life of Emile Zola as Major Walsin-Esterhazy
movie 1936 Exclusive Story as Werther
movie 1936 I Married a Doctor as Nels Valborg
movie 1936 Mary of Scotland as Morton
movie 1936 Sons o' Guns as Pierre
movie 1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade as Count Igor Volonoff
movie 1936 The Country Doctor as MacKenzie
movie 1936 The Last of the Mohicans as Chingachgook
movie 1936 The Trail of the Lonesome Pine as Buck Falin
movie 1936 Trailin' West as Abraham Lincoln
movie 1935 Bordertown as Padre
movie 1935 Captain Blood as Wolverstone
movie 1935 Devil Dogs of the Air as Commandant
movie 1935 Dr. Socrates as Dr. Ginder
movie 1935 Dressed to Thrill as Gaston Dupont
movie 1935 Moonlight on the Prairie as Buck Cantrell
movie 1935 Special Agent as Chief of Internal Revenue Service
movie 1935 Stranded as Stanislaus Janauschek
movie 1935 The Florentine Dagger as The Captain
movie 1935 The Murder Man as Robins
movie 1935 Village Tale as Drury Stevenson
movie 1935 While the Patient Slept as Adolphe Federie
movie 1934 A Very Honorable Guy as Dr. Snitzer
movie 1934 Big Hearted Herbert as Jim
movie 1934 Dark Hazard as Tex Willis
movie 1934 Fog Over Frisco as Thorne
movie 1934 Friends of Mr. Sweeney as Alex
movie 1934 Gambling Lady as Mike Lee
movie 1934 Here Comes the Navy as Commander Denny
movie 1934 Hi, Nellie! as Brownell
movie 1934 Housewife as Sam Blake
movie 1934 I Am a Thief as Baron Otto Von Kampf
movie 1934 I Sell Anything as McPherson
movie 1934 Massacre as Dawson
movie 1934 Midnight Alibi as Angie
movie 1934 Return of the Terror as Pudge
movie 1934 The Dragon Murder Case as Stamm
movie 1934 The Firebird as Halasz, the Apartment House Manager
movie 1934 The St. Louis Kid as Farmer Benson
movie 1934 Upperworld as Police Commissioner Clark
movie 1934 Wonder Bar as Captain Hugo Von Ferring
movie 1933 Ann Carver's Profession as Attorney Andrew Simmons
movie 1933 Baby Face as Nick Powers
movie 1933 Captured! as The Commandant
movie 1933 From Headquarters as Anderzian
movie 1933 Heroes for Sale as Max
movie 1933 I Loved a Woman as Charles Lane
movie 1933 King of the Jungle as Joe Nolan
movie 1933 Lilly Turner as Fritz 'Heinie'
movie 1933 My Lips Betray as Undetermined Role
movie 1933 Picture Snatcher as Grover - Graphic News Owner
movie 1933 Secret of the Blue Room as Paul, the Butler
movie 1933 The Devil's in Love as Maj. Bertram
movie 1933 The Kennel Murder Case as Archer Coe
movie 1933 The Life of Jimmy Dolan as Sheriff
movie 1933 The Mayor of Hell as Fred Smith
movie 1933 The Mind Reader as Detective
movie 1933 The Silk Express as Mr. Calhoun, Attorney
movie 1933 Tugboat Annie as First Mate of 'Glacier Queen'
movie 1933 Wild Boys of the Road as Judge R.H. White
movie 1932 Pack Up Your Troubles as Detective
movie 1932 The Wiser Sex as Plainclothesman
movie 1931 Honor Among Lovers as Detective
movie 1921 Whispering Shadows
movie 1920 The Wonder Man as Alan Gardner
movie 1915 Her Own Way as Lt. Richard Coleman

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