Robert Breer

Robert Breer Filmography

movie 2012 Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film as Himself
movie 2003 What Goes Up
movie 2000 As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty as Himself
movie 2000 Atoz
movie 1997 Birth of a Nation as Himself
movie 1997 Time Flies
movie 1993 Sparkill Ave!
movie 1989 A Frog on the Swing
video movie 1989 New Order: Substance
movie 1986 He Stands in the Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life as Himself
movie 1986 Bang!
movie 1985 The Five & Dime Animator as Himself
movie 1982 Trial Balloons
movie 1980 Swiss Army Knife with Rats and Pigeons
movie 1979 T.Z.
movie 1978 Lmno
movie 1977 77
movie 1976 Rubber Cement
movie 1974 Fuji
movie 1972 Gulls and Buoys
movie 1970 70
movie 1968 69
movie 1968 Pbl 2
movie 1966 66
movie 1964 Fist Fight
movie 1963 Breathing
movie 1962 Horse Over Tea Kettle
movie 1962 Pat's Birthday
movie 1961 Blazes
movie 1960 Homage to Jean Tinguely's 'Homage to New York'
movie 1960 Inner and Outer Space
movie 1959 Eyewash
movie 1958 Par avion
movie 1957 A Man and His Dog Out for Air
movie 1957 Jamestown Baloos
movie 1956 Cats
movie 1956 Motion Pictures
movie 1956 Recreation
movie 1956 Recreation II
movie 1955 Image by Images II
movie 1955 Image by Images III
movie 1955 Image by Images IV
movie 1954 A Miracle
movie 1954 Form Phases IV
movie 1954 Image by Images
movie 1953 Form Phases II
movie 1953 Form Phases III
movie 1952 Form Phases

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Using a rapid-fire fusillade of sketches, line drawings, photographic images and rotoscoping, Breer commences with a photograph of the red knife before launc...

robert breer.

Robert Breer - 1926 - 2011 - anticipated everything from Terry Gilliam's work with Monty Python to asemic writing. With thanks to Ubuweb, which has a good se...