Robert Brown

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Robert Brown Filmography

tv movie 1991 Merlin of the Crystal Cave as Gorlois
movie 1989 Licence to Kill as M
video movie 1989 Slow Burn as Grandfather in Church
movie 1987 The Living Daylights as M
movie 1985 A View to a Kill as M
tv movie 1985 Brass as Chief Shannon
tv movie 1984 The Life and Death of King John as Earl of Pembroke
movie 1983 Octopussy as M
movie 1982 Jugando con la muerte as 2nd bodyguard
movie 1981 Lion of the Desert as Al Fadeel
tv movie 1979 The First Part of King Henry the Fourth, with the Life and Death of Henry Surnamed Hotspur as Sir Walter Blunt
movie 1979 The Passage as Major
movie 1978 Warlords of Atlantis as Briggs
movie 1977 The Message as Otba
movie 1977 The Spy Who Loved Me as Admiral Hargreaves
movie 1972 Demons of the Mind as Fischinger
movie 1972 Wreck Raisers as Cox'n
movie 1971 Fun and Games as Ralph
movie 1971 Private Road as Mr. Halpern
movie 1969 Un hombre solo
movie 1966 One Million Years B.C. as Akhoba
movie 1965 Operation Crossbow as Air Commodore
movie 1964 All in Good Time as George Fitch
movie 1964 Clash by Night as Mawsley
movie 1964 The Masque of the Red Death as Guard
movie 1963 Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow as Sam Farley
movie 1963 Mystery Submarine as Coxswain Drage
movie 1962 Billy Budd as Arnold Talbot - Maintopman
movie 1962 Live Now - Pay Later
movie 1962 The 300 Spartans as Pentheus
movie 1961 A Story of David as Jashobeam
tv movie 1960 Macbeth as Bloody Sergeant
movie 1960 Sands of the Desert as 1st Tourist
movie 1960 Sink the Bismarck! as Gunnery Officer on George V
movie 1960 The Challenge as Bob Crowther
movie 1959 Ben-Hur as Chief of Rowers
movie 1959 Shake Hands with the Devil as First Sergeant 'Black & Tans'
tv movie 1959 The Offshore Island as Martin
tv movie 1958 Jack the Ripper as Constable
movie 1958 Passport to Shame as Mike
movie 1957 Campbell's Kingdom as Ben Creasy
movie 1957 Kill Me Tomorrow as Steve Ryan
movie 1957 The Abominable Snowman as Ed. Shelley
movie 1957 The Steel Bayonet as Sgt. Maj. Gill
movie 1956 A Hill in Korea as Pvt. O'Brien
movie 1956 Helen of Troy as Polydorus
movie 1956 Lost as Farmer with Shotgun
movie 1956 The Man Who Never Was as French
movie 1955 Passage Home as Shane
movie 1955 The Dark Avenger as First French Knight
movie 1953 Noose for a Lady
movie 1953 The Large Rope as Mick Jordan
movie 1952 Cloudburst as Carter
movie 1952 Death of an Angel as Jim Pollard
movie 1952 Derby Day as Foster - Berkeley's Butler
movie 1952 Ivanhoe as Castle Guard Yelling 'Horseman Approaching from the South!'
movie 1952 The Gambler and the Lady as John - Waiter at Max's Dive
tv movie 1952 The Infinite Shoeblack as Andrew Berwick
tv movie 1952 The Marvellous History of St. Bernard as Bonaventure
movie 1952 Time, Gentlemen, Please! as Bill Jordan
tv movie 1951 A Tomb with a View as Alec Lanch
tv movie 1951 Milestones as Arthur Preece
movie 1951 Out of True as Dr. Dale
tv movie 1951 Rush Job as Cliff Whatley
movie 1951 The Dark Man as Policeman at Hospital
tv movie 1951 The Fifty Mark as Roy Clarke
tv movie 1950 Good Friday as Herod
movie 1949 The Third Man as British Military Policeman in Sewer Chase

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