Robert Carradine

Robert Reed Carradine (born March 24, 1954) is an American actor. The youngest born of the Carradine family of actors, he made his first appearances on television western series like Bonanza and his older brother David's Kung Fu. Carradine's first film role was in the 1972 film The Cowboys opposite Roscoe Lee Browne and the legendary John Wayne. Despite a lengthy and successful movie career working with directors like Martin Scorsese and John Carpenter, Carradine is probably best known for portr ... more on Wikipedia

Robert Carradine Filmography

movie 2014 The Genesis of Lincoln as Thomas Lincoln
movie 2014 Wine Dancing as Himself
movie 2013 A Fuller Life as Himself - Reader
video movie 2013 Unzipping Body Bags as Himself
video movie 2012 Bikini Spring Break as Coach Gill
movie 2012 Django Unchained as Tracker
tv movie 2012 Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt as Arthur Gallery
movie 2012 Slumber Party Slaughter as Dave
movie 2012 The Collector as Johnny
video movie 2011 Cross as Dr. Zyal
movie 2011 Fancypants as Allen
movie 2011 Final Sale as Bowman
video movie 2011 My Dog's Christmas Miracle as Professor Jerry Meinhardt
tv movie 2011 Workers' Comp as Kevin
movie 2010 Fight or Flight as Dr. Wexler
movie 2010 Stuart Mossman: A Modern Stradivari as Himself
video movie 2010 Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape as Himself
movie 2008 Deep Winter as Coach Dando
movie 2008 The 13th Alley as Hal
movie 2007 7-10 Split as Mr. Bailey
tv movie 2007 Jane Doe: Ties That Bind as Everett
movie 2007 Sex and Breakfast as Angry Driver
video movie 2007 The Cowboys: Together Again as Himself
movie 2007 Tooth and Nail as Darwin
movie 2006 Hoboken Hollow as Thad Simmons
video movie 2006 Monster Night as George Ackerman
tv movie 2005 Attack of the Sabretooth as Grant
video movie 2005 Ban the Sadist Videos! as Himself
video movie 2005 Disney Channel Holiday as Sam McGuire
movie 2005 Supercross as Clay Sparks
tv movie 2005 The 100 Greatest War Films as Himself
video movie 2005 The Real Glory: Reconstructing 'The Big Red One' as Himself
video movie 2004 Hilary's Roman Adventure as Himself
video movie 2004 Lizzie McGuire: Star Struck Vol. 3 as Sam McGuire
video movie 2004 Lizzie McGuire: Totally Crushed Vol. 4 as Sam McGuire
tv series 2004 Retrosexual: The 80's as Himself
video movie 2003 Lizzie McGuire: Fashionably Lizzie Vol. 1 as Sam McGuire
video movie 2003 Lizzie McGuire: Growing Up Lizzie Vol. 2 as Sam McGuire
tv movie 2003 Monte Walsh as Sunfish Perkins
movie 2003 The Lizzie McGuire Movie as Sam McGuire
video movie 2003 Timecop: The Berlin Decision as Big Jim
tv movie 2002 The Men Who Made the Movies: Samuel Fuller as Pvt. Sam Zab
movie 2002 Three Days of Rain as Bus Driver
movie 2001 Ghosts of Mars as Rodale
movie 2001 Max Keeble's Big Move as Don Keeble
tv series 2001 Express Yourself as Himself
movie 2000 Dangerous Curves as John Burnside
tv movie 2000 Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire as Malachi Van Helsing
movie 1999 Gunfighter as The Kid
movie 1999 Lycanthrope as Bill Parker
movie 1999 Palmer's Pick Up as Bruce Palmer
movie 1999 Stray Bullet as John Burnside
video movie 1999 The Kid with X-ray Eyes as Chuck
movie 1999 The Vegas Connection as Matt Chance
video movie 1998 Breakout as Zack Hadley
tv movie 1998 Martian Law
movie 1998 Scorpio One as Carter
movie 1998 The Effects of Magic as Roody
tv movie 1998 Young Hearts Unlimited as Eddie
movie 1997 Firestorm as Tarmac
movie 1997 UFOs: 50 Years of Denial? as Himself - Actor
movie 1996 Escape from L.A. as Skinhead
tv movie 1996 Humanoids from the Deep as Wade Parker
movie 1995 Bird of Prey as Eric Parker
movie 1995 The Killers Within as Ben Wallace
tv movie 1994 A Part of the Family as Ted
tv movie 1994 Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love as Lewis Skolnick
tv movie 1993 Body Bags as Bill
tv movie 1993 The Disappearance of Christina as Michael Croft
tv series 1993 The Tommyknockers as Bryant Brown
tv movie 1992 Illusions as Greg Sanderson
tv movie 1992 Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation as Lewis 'Lew' Skolnick
movie 1992 The Player as Himself
tv movie 1991 Doublecrossed as Dave Booker
tv movie 1991 K-9 as Jack Bergin
tv movie 1990 Clarence as Clarence Oddbody
tv movie 1990 Somebody Has to Shoot the Picture as Police Sgt. Jerry Brown
tv movie 1990 The Incident as Domsczek
movie 1989 All's Fair as Mark
movie 1989 Rude Awakening as Sammy Margolin
tv movie 1988 I Saw What You Did as Adrian Lancer
tv movie 1988 Totally Minnie as Maxwell Dwebb
movie 1987 Buy & Cell as Herbie Altman
tv movie 1987 Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8 as Rennie Davis
movie 1987 Number One with a Bullet as Det. Barzak
movie 1987 Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise as Lewis Skolnick
tv movie 1986 As Is as Rich
tv movie 1986 Monte Carlo as Bobby Morgan
movie 1984 Just the Way You Are as Sam Carpenter
movie 1984 Revenge of the Nerds as Lewis Skolnick
tv series 1984 The Sun Also Rises as Robert Cohn
movie 1983 Wavelength as Bobby Sinclair
movie 1982 Tag: The Assassination Game as Alex Marsh
movie 1981 Heartaches as Stanley Howard
tv series 1981 Tales of the Klondike as Percy Cuthfert III
movie 1980 The Big Red One as Pvt. Zab, 1st Squad
movie 1980 The Long Riders as Bob Younger
movie 1979 Sam Fuller and the Big Red One as Himself
tv movie 1979 Survival of Dana as Donny Davis
movie 1979 The Carradines Together as Himself
movie 1978 Blackout as Christie
movie 1978 Coming Home as Bill Munson
movie 1977 Joyride as John
movie 1977 Orca as Ken
movie 1976 Cannonball! as Jim Crandell
movie 1976 Jackson County Jail as Bobby Ray
movie 1976 Massacre at Central High as Spoony
movie 1976 Revenge of the Cheerleaders as Student in Cafeteria
movie 1976 The Pom Pom Girls as Johnnie
movie 1975 Aloha Bobby and Rose as Moxey
tv movie 1975 The Hatfields and the McCoys as Bob Hatfield
movie 1975 You and Me
tv movie 1973 Go Ask Alice as Bill
movie 1973 Mean Streets as Boy With Gun
tv movie 1972 Footsteps as Gas Station Attendant
movie 1972 The Cowboys as Slim Honeycutt - Cowboy

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