Robert Ernst

Robert Ernst Filmography

movie 2013 Being Us as Street Vendor
movie 2006 Valley of the Heart's Delight as Ernest Maloney
movie 2001 Bartleby as Shut Up Man
tv movie 1998 My Neighbor's Daughter as Junkyard Boss
movie 1997 Farmer & Chase as Security Guard
movie 1996 Dream for an Insomniac as Homeless Man
tv movie 1996 Shaughnessy as Doctor
movie 1993 Memory Serves as Lully
movie 1993 Shimmer as Farmer in Barn
tv movie 1991 Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love as Cable Car Operator
movie 1990 Sure Fire as Larry
movie 1987 Burglar as Officer with Warrant

Robert Ernst on Youtube

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Little fun with my new Microphone Over 40 Voice impressions. There was a little confusion with the last video with the original demo voices, so i moved the D...

Robert Ernst and Otha Brown performing scene from King of New York for short film by CWC Studios. Originally done by Christopher Walken in 1990 film.

Ricky Bobby and Cal Back with another public service announcement about the impending Florida Gator migration out of the trailer parks. As well as what is be...