Robert F. Hill

Robert F. Hill (April 14, 1886, Port Rohen, Ontario, Canada - March 18, 1966, Los Angeles, California) was a Canadian film director, screenwriter, and actor during the silent film era. ... more on Wikipedia

Robert F. Hill Filmography

tv movie 1966 Deadly Ray from Mars
tv movie 1964 Tarzan the Fearless
movie 1950 Bunco Squad as Preacher
movie 1945 Flaming Bullets as Ranger Captain
movie 1945 I'll Remember April as Board Member
movie 1944 Block Busters as Doctor
movie 1944 Cover Girl as Headwaiter
movie 1944 Fuzzy Settles Down as Jones - Bidder for Newspaper
movie 1944 Men on Her Mind as Undetermined Role
movie 1944 The Drifter as Banker Thomas Barton
movie 1943 After Midnight with Boston Blackie as Warden
movie 1943 Blazing Frontier as Railroad Official John Trainor
movie 1943 Boss of Rawhide as Ranger Captain John Wyatt
movie 1943 Calling Dr. Death as Judge
movie 1943 Ghosts on the Loose as Minister at Wedding
movie 1943 Girls in Chains as Dr. Orchard
movie 1943 Good Luck, Mr. Yates as Myers
movie 1943 Keep 'Em Slugging as Personnel Manager, as Bob Hill on cast sheet
movie 1943 Law of the Saddle as Tom
movie 1943 Redhead from Manhattan as Counterman
movie 1943 Son of Dracula as Deputy Shooting at Frank
movie 1943 The More the Merrier as Headwaiter
movie 1943 Trail of Terror as Captain Curtis
movie 1943 Western Cyclone as Judge
movie 1943 Wild Horse Rustlers as Judge
movie 1943 Wolves of the Range as Judge Brandon
movie 1942 Little Joe, the Wrangler as Webb Hammond
movie 1941 Dynamite Canyon as John Reed
movie 1941 Flying Wild as Mr. Woodward
movie 1941 Wanderers of the West
movie 1940 East Side Kids as Man in Telephone Montage
movie 1939 Drifting Westward
movie 1939 Overland Mail
movie 1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
movie 1938 Man's Country
movie 1938 Mars Attacks the World
movie 1938 The Painted Trail
movie 1938 Whirlwind Horseman
movie 1938 Wild Horse Canyon
movie 1937 Cheyenne Rides Again as Bartender Ed
movie 1937 Flying Fists as Health Camp Instructor
movie 1937 Mystery Range as The Chief
movie 1937 The Feud of the Trail as Association Chief Watson
movie 1937 Sky Racket
movie 1937 Blake of Scotland Yard
movie 1937 Blake of Scotland Yard
movie 1937 Million Dollar Racket
movie 1937 The Roaming Cowboy
movie 1936 A Face in the Fog as Reporter
movie 1936 Put on the Spot as Jailer
movie 1936 Shadow of Chinatown as Pedestrian [Ch. 14]
movie 1936 Shadow of Chinatown as Rooftop Fight Spectator
movie 1936 Silks and Saddles as Stableman
movie 1936 The Phantom of the Range as Auctioneer Robert
movie 1936 West of Nevada as Cafe Diner
movie 1936 Law and Lead
movie 1936 Too Much Beef
movie 1936 Flash Gordon
movie 1936 Kelly of the Secret Service
movie 1936 Men of the Plains
movie 1936 Prison Shadows
movie 1936 Rio Grande Romance
movie 1936 Rip Roarin' Buckaroo
movie 1936 Taming the Wild
movie 1936 The Idaho Kid
movie 1936 The Rogues' Tavern
movie 1936 Two Minutes to Play
movie 1935 Danger Trails as The Father
movie 1935 Six Gun Justice as Bill Slade
movie 1935 The Texas Rambler as The Phantom
movie 1935 Queen of the Jungle
movie 1935 Queen of the Jungle
movie 1935 The Cyclone Ranger
movie 1935 The Vanishing Riders
movie 1934 A Demon for Trouble as Rancher
movie 1934 Cowboy Holiday as Mr. Hopkins, Ruth's Father
movie 1934 Frontier Days as Chief Burrows
movie 1934 Inside Information as Police Chief Gallagher
movie 1934 Outlaw's Highway
movie 1933 Tarzan the Fearless
movie 1933 The Cheyenne Kid
movie 1933 The Crimson Paradise
movie 1932 Love Bound as Ship Passenger
movie 1932 The Black Ghost
movie 1932 The Last Frontier
movie 1932 Come on Danger!
movie 1932 The Bride's Bereavement; or, The Snake in the Grass
movie 1932 The Engineer's Daughter; or, Iron Minnie's Revenge
movie 1931 Sundown Trail
movie 1931 Trapped
movie 1931 Heroes of the Flames
movie 1931 Spell of the Circus
movie 1930 Terry of the 'Times'
movie 1929 Melody Lane
movie 1929 The Last Warning
movie 1929 Silks and Saddles
movie 1928 A Million for Love
movie 1928 Haunted Island
movie 1928 Life's Mockery
movie 1927 Blake of Scotland Yard
movie 1927 Blazing Days
movie 1927 Hands Off
movie 1927 Range Courage
movie 1927 The Cat and the Canary
movie 1927 The Return of the Riddle Rider
movie 1926 The Stolen Ranch
movie 1926 The Bar-C Mystery
movie 1925 Idaho
movie 1925 Wild West
movie 1924 Dark Stairways
movie 1924 Excitement
movie 1924 Jack O'Clubs
movie 1924 The Breathless Moment
movie 1924 The Dangerous Blonde
movie 1924 Young Ideas
movie 1923 Crooked Alley
movie 1923 Around the World in Eighteen Days
movie 1923 His Mystery Girl
movie 1923 Shadows of the North
movie 1923 The Phantom Fortune
movie 1923 The Social Buccaneer
movie 1922 Desperation
movie 1922 Captain Kidd's Finish
movie 1922 Fighting Back
movie 1922 Rustlers of the Redwoods
movie 1922 The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
movie 1922 The Big Ranger
movie 1922 The Deputy's Double Cross
movie 1922 The Radio King
movie 1922 The Trail of the Wolf
movie 1921 The Adventures of Tarzan
movie 1921 Brand of Courage
movie 1921 Old Dynamite
movie 1921 The Alarm
movie 1920 The Flaming Disc
movie 1919 Full of Pep
movie 1919 Happy Returns
movie 1919 The Tea Hound
movie 1919 Upstairs
movie 1919 The Great Radium Mystery
movie 1918 Crown Jewels
movie 1918 Heiress for a Day
movie 1918 Nancy Comes Home
movie 1918 The Reckoning Day
movie 1918 The Trap
movie 1917 The Girl by the Roadside as Rayban
movie 1917 The Raggedy Queen as Tom Brennon
movie 1917 A Dangerous Double
movie 1917 The Seeds of Redemption
movie 1916 The Little Fraud as Jim
movie 1916 A Knight of the Night
movie 1916 Ashes
movie 1916 Cinders
movie 1916 Claudia
movie 1916 It Didn't Work Out Right
movie 1916 Jim Slocum No. 46393
movie 1916 The Doctor of the Afternoon Arm
movie 1916 The Mantle of Deceit
movie 1916 The Unconventional Girl
movie 1916 Just Kitty
movie 1916 Temptation and the Man
movie 1916 The Crystal's Warning
movie 1916 The Girl Who Didn't Tell
movie 1916 The Highway of Fate
movie 1916 The Rogue with a Heart
movie 1916 The Trail of the Wild Wolf
movie 1916 Won by Valor
movie 1915 Li'l Nor'wester
movie 1915 Destiny's Trump Card
movie 1915 The Destroyer
movie 1915 The Taming of Mary

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no description available. A miner who was swindled out of his mine by a banker turns to robbing stagecoaches. Several years after he is tracked down and kill...

Trailer for the 1935 Maurice Conn poverty row western, THE RED BLOOD OF COURAGE, starring Kermit Maynard, Ann Sheridan and Reginald Barlow.

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A 1936 crime, drama film directed by Robert F. Hill, starring Edward J. Nugent, Lucille Lund and Joan Barclay. A boxer is framed for murder after an opponent...