Robert Fleet

Robert Fleet Filmography

movie 2013 Dead Anyway as Varga
movie 2013 Endgames as Johnathan Grant
movie 2013 Past God as Pastor in Dream
movie 2012 Dark Amazon as John
movie 2012 Hirokin as 1st Rebel Leader
movie 2012 Player as Sam
movie 2011 Brickwalk Café as Him
movie 2011 J. Edgar as Edgar's Mother's Doctor
movie 2011 Waltz of the Demon King as Demon
movie 2011 Leatha Acidents
movie 2009 Gentlemen's Agreement as Archer Trebizond
movie 2009 Occupational Hazard as Leonard
movie 2008 The League as Interviewer
movie 2008 Zaufanie as The Man
tv movie 2007 Generation John Paul II: Crossroads as Narrator
movie 2005 Last Mountain
movie 2004 The First Person as Morty
movie 2000 Swiateczna przygoda as Claus
movie 1995 The Friends of Harry as Major Tom
movie 1987 Bialy smok
movie 1984 Brothers of the Wilderness as Boy's Dad

Robert Fleet on Youtube

Clips from the feature film PLAYER, a noir-romantic thriller about a gambler and a younger woman who fall in love, then risk everything on a dangerous bet - ...

Trailer for the 2010 neo-noir feature PLAYER: A gambler and a younger woman fall in love, then risk everything on a dangerous bet. Starring Robert Fleet & Na...

A clip from the rough-edit trailer for "Recruits," a TV pilot. Robert Fleet as the General, and narrating. Submitted in lieu of sides reading for "General An...

Excerpt from the Adobe/Boxer Films production of PALADIN, a VFX spectacular/demo for Creative Suite 5, starring Robert Fleet as "The Mage" and Max ...