Robert G. Vignola

Robert G. Vignola Filmography

movie 1937 The Girl from Scotland Yard
movie 1935 The Perfect Clue
movie 1934 The Scarlet Letter
movie 1933 Broken Dreams
movie 1929 The Red Sword
movie 1928 Tropic Madness
movie 1927 Cabaret
movie 1926 Fifth Avenue
movie 1925 Declassée
movie 1925 The Way of a Girl
movie 1924 Married Flirts
movie 1924 Yolanda
movie 1923 Adam and Eva
movie 1922 Beauty's Worth
movie 1922 The Young Diana
movie 1922 When Knighthood Was in Flower
movie 1921 Enchantment
movie 1921 Straight Is the Way
movie 1921 The Passionate Pilgrim
movie 1921 The Woman God Changed
movie 1920 The Thirteenth Commandment
movie 1920 The World and His Wife
movie 1919 An Innocent Adventuress
movie 1919 Experimental Marriage
movie 1919 His Official Fiancée
movie 1919 Louisiana
movie 1919 More Deadly Than the Male
movie 1919 The Heart of Youth
movie 1919 The Home Town Girl
movie 1919 The Third Kiss
movie 1919 The Winning Girl
movie 1919 The Woman Next Door
movie 1919 You Never Saw Such a Girl
movie 1918 Madame Jealousy
movie 1918 The Claw
movie 1918 The Girl Who Came Back
movie 1918 The Knife
movie 1918 The Reason Why
movie 1918 The Savage Woman
movie 1918 Women's Weapons
movie 1917 Double Crossed
movie 1917 Great Expectations
movie 1917 Her Better Self
movie 1917 The Fortunes of Fifi
movie 1917 The Hungry Heart
movie 1917 The Love That Lives
movie 1916 Audrey
movie 1916 Seventeen
movie 1916 The Black Crook
movie 1916 The Evil Thereof
movie 1916 The Moment Before
movie 1916 The Reward of Patience
movie 1916 The Spider
movie 1916 Under Cover
movie 1915 Honor Thy Father as Chick Fenway - a Thief
movie 1915 In the Hands of the Jury as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Crooked Path as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Maker of Dreams as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Railroad Raiders of '62 as Railroad Engineer
movie 1915 The Scorpion's Sting as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Siren's Reign
movie 1915 The Stolen Ruby as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Vanderhoff Affair as Dr. Luchow
movie 1915 Don Caesar de Bazan
movie 1915 A Sister's Burden
movie 1915 Barriers Swept Aside
movie 1915 The Destroyer
movie 1915 The Haunted House of Wild Isle
movie 1915 The Haunting Fear
movie 1915 The Luring Lights
movie 1915 The Night Operator at Buxton
movie 1915 The Pretenders
movie 1914 A Midnight Tragedy as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 Into the Depths as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Dancer as De Forrest - a Millionaire
movie 1914 The Devil's Dansant
movie 1914 The False Guardian as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Hand of Fate as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Menace of Fate as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Show Girl's Glove as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Barefoot Boy
movie 1914 The Beast
movie 1914 The Dance of Death
movie 1914 The Vampire's Trail
movie 1914 Her Bitter Lesson
movie 1914 Her Husband's Friend
movie 1914 In Wolf's Clothing
movie 1914 Seed and the Harvest
movie 1914 The Cabaret Dancer
movie 1914 The Hand Print Mystery
movie 1914 The Hate That Withers
movie 1914 The Hazards of Helen
movie 1914 The Man of Iron
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Yellow Sunbonnet
movie 1914 The Shadow
movie 1914 The Storm at Sea
movie 1914 Through the Flames
movie 1913 A Desperate Chance as Joe Mellon - the Brakeman
movie 1913 A Sawmill Hazard as Geoffrey Stern
movie 1913 Lady Peggy's Escape as Preston - a Soldier
movie 1913 Prisoners of War as Robert Vigron - the Old Veteran
movie 1913 Shenandoah as Undetermined Role
movie 1913 The Alien as Paola
movie 1913 The Fire-Fighting Zouaves
movie 1913 The Hardest Way as Bud's Boss
movie 1913 The Message of the Palms as Uncle Tom - the Colonel's Servant
movie 1913 The Octoroon as Wahnotte - an Indian
movie 1913 The Padrone's Plot as Tony
movie 1913 The Peril of the Dance Hall as Pablo Florenti - Pepita's Father
movie 1913 The Prosecuting Attorney as The Criminal
movie 1913 The River Pirates as Caesar - a Secret Agent of the Pirates
movie 1913 The Scimitar of the Prophet as Hadjji - a Mohammedan Priest
movie 1913 The Vampire as Undetermined Role
movie 1913 The War Correspondent as Hal Martin - the Star Reporter
movie 1913 The Wives of Jamestown as Shamus O'Daly
movie 1913 A Virginia Feud
movie 1913 The Bribe
movie 1912 A Prisoner of the Harem
movie 1912 An Arabian Tragedy as Ayub Kashif
movie 1912 Captured by Bedouins as Judge Barnett - the Father
movie 1912 Down Through the Ages as Count Maspero
movie 1912 From the Manger to the Cross; or, Jesus of Nazareth as Judas
movie 1912 Ireland, the Oppressed as Michael Dee
movie 1912 Missionaries in Darkest Africa as Rev. Elbert Lawrence
movie 1912 The Ancient Port of Jaffa as Himself
movie 1912 The Fighting Dervishes of the Desert as Isma'il - Sheik of the Dervishes
movie 1912 The Kerry Gow as Darby O'Drive
movie 1912 The O'Neill
movie 1912 The Shaughraun as Harvey Duff
movie 1912 Tragedy of the Desert as The Flirtatious Malmoud Bey
movie 1911 A Saw Mill Hero
movie 1911 A War Time Escape
movie 1911 Arrah-Na-Pogue as Michael Feeny
movie 1911 Railroad Raiders of '62 as Engineer
movie 1911 Rory O'More as Black William
movie 1911 The Colleen Bawn as Mr. Corrigan
movie 1911 The Fiddle's Requiem as Dolores' fiance
movie 1911 The Love of Summer Morn
movie 1911 Arizona Bill
movie 1910 A Colonial Belle
movie 1910 A Lad from Old Ireland as Man in campaign office
movie 1910 The Roses of the Virgin as Pierre Lolliard
movie 1910 The Stranger as The Stranger
movie 1909 The Cardboard Baby
movie 1908 Over the Hill to the Poorhouse
movie 1908 The Fight for Freedom
movie 1908 The Kentuckian
movie 1907 Pony Express
movie 1906 The Black Hand

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Hers the Punishment-Whos the Blame? An early sound adaptation directed by Robert G. Vignola, of Hawthorne's novel about social mores, intolerance, and ...

Stars: David Manners, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, Dorothy Libaire Director: Robert G. Vignola Writers: Lolita Ann Westman (story), Albert DeMond (screenplay).

Deadly Romance (Mortelle Idylle) is a 1906 short film directed by Albert Capellani (1874-1931). Writer, Andre Heuze (1880-1942). Produced and distributed by .

"From the Manger to the Cross or Jesus of Nazareth" (1912) is an American early classic silent movie, filmed on location in Palestine which tells the story o...