Robert Graves

Robert von Ranke Graves (also known as Robert Ranke Graves and most commonly Robert Graves) 24 July 1895 ? 7 December 1985) was an English poet, translator and novelist. During his long life he produced more than 140 works. Graves' poems?together with his translations and innovative interpretations of the Greek myths, his memoir of his early life, including his role in the First World War, Goodbye to All That, and his historical study of poetic inspiration, The White Goddess?have never ... more on Wikipedia

Robert Graves Filmography

movie 1947 Hollywood Bound as Edited from: Spirit of 1976
movie 1941 A Polo Phony
movie 1940 'Taint Legal
movie 1939 Act Your Age as M.C.
movie 1939 Chasing Danger as Colonel
movie 1939 Kennedy the Great as Mr. Potter
movie 1939 Midnight as Doorman
movie 1938 Artists and Models Abroad as Chef
movie 1938 Battle of Broadway as Chairman
movie 1938 Sharpshooters as First Policeman
movie 1938 Suez as Official
movie 1938 Walking Down Broadway as Jury Foreman
movie 1937 Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo as Gendarme
movie 1937 Conquest as Major Domo
movie 1937 Dangerously Yours as Minor Role
movie 1937 Espionage as Duval
movie 1937 The King and the Chorus Girl as Captain, Ile de France
movie 1937 They Gave Him a Gun as French General
movie 1936 All Business as Mr. Stone
movie 1936 Anthony Adverse as Officer
movie 1936 Easy Money as Sillsby
movie 1936 Fatal Lady as French Guide
movie 1936 One Live Ghost as Bert
movie 1936 The Devil-Doll as Gendarme
movie 1936 The Invisible Ray as Gendarme
movie 1936 The Road to Glory as Colonel
movie 1936 Walking on Air as Sponsor
movie 1936 Wholesailing Along
movie 1935 $10 Raise
movie 1935 Dante's Inferno as Drunk in Cabin
movie 1935 Folies Bergère de Paris as Doorman
movie 1935 Hoi Polloi as Prof. Nichols
movie 1935 Just My Luck as Voorhees
movie 1935 Mad Love as Detective Escorting Rollo on Train
movie 1935 Naughty Marietta
movie 1935 The Lottery Lover as French Sergeant
movie 1935 The Rainmakers as Townsman
movie 1935 The Spirit of 1976 as Bit Role
movie 1935 The Whole Town's Talking
movie 1935 This Is the Life as Chief of Police, San Francisco
movie 1934 A Trifle Backward
movie 1934 Caravane as Le maréchal-des-logis
movie 1934 Jealousy as Head Waiter
movie 1934 Little Man, What Now? as 2nd Headwaiter
movie 1934 Madame Spy as Detective
movie 1934 Men of the Night as Mr. Everett
movie 1934 Sisters Under the Skin as Wiggins
movie 1934 Southern Style
movie 1934 The Cat and the Fiddle as Diner Praising Victor
movie 1934 Wonder Bar as Police Officer
movie 1932 Blonde Venus as La Farge
movie 1932 Forbidden as Mr. Eckner
movie 1932 Sherlock Holmes as Gaston Roux
movie 1931 City Lights as Police Officer
movie 1931 Out-Stepping
movie 1931 Révolte dans la prison
movie 1931 Scratch-As-Catch-Can
movie 1931 Stay Out
movie 1931 The Gossipy Plumber
movie 1930 Beyond the Law as Stoney, sheriff's son
movie 1930 Code of Honor as Jed Harden
movie 1930 Men of the North as Priest
movie 1930 My Harem
movie 1930 The Big Jewel Case
movie 1929 Cold Shivers
movie 1929 Delicious and Refreshing
movie 1929 Fake Flappers
movie 1929 Her Gift Night
movie 1929 Hot Sports
movie 1929 Only Her Husband as The Objective's Husband
movie 1929 Parlor Pests
movie 1929 Smilin' Guns as Durkin
movie 1929 Those Two Boys
movie 1929 What a Pill
movie 1929 Whoopee Boys
movie 1928 Companionate Service
movie 1928 Girlies Behave
movie 1928 High Strung
movie 1928 His Maiden Voyage
movie 1928 Hop Off
movie 1928 Hot or Cold
movie 1928 Indiscreet Pete
movie 1928 Misplaced Husbands
movie 1928 Navy Beans as The Ship's Captain
movie 1928 Sailor Boy as The Doctor
movie 1928 Social Prestige
movie 1928 Three Tough Onions as The Husband's Brother-in-Law
movie 1928 Wedding Slips
movie 1928 Who's Lyin?
movie 1928 Wife Trouble
movie 1928 Wildcat Valley
movie 1927 Auntie's Ante
movie 1927 Breezing Along
movie 1927 Brunettes Prefer Gentlemen
movie 1927 Circus Capers
movie 1927 Fox Tales
movie 1927 Grandpa's Boy as Isaiah Mullins
movie 1927 It's Me
movie 1927 Kid Tricks
movie 1927 Naughty Boy as Richard Jones
movie 1927 Papa's Boy
movie 1927 Red Hot Bullets
movie 1927 Roped In
movie 1927 Scared Silly
movie 1927 She's a Boy
movie 1927 Spuds as General
movie 1927 Who's Afraid?
movie 1926 Christine of the Big Tops as Pete Barman
movie 1926 Close Shaves as 2nd Hotel Guest
movie 1926 Midnight Follies
movie 1926 Pink Elephants
movie 1926 Somebody's Mother
movie 1926 The Jelly Fish as The Governor
movie 1926 The Test of Donald Norton as Dale Millington
movie 1925 Manhattan Madness as Jack Russell
movie 1925 Ranger of the Big Pines as Redfield
movie 1925 The Great Circus Mystery as Adams

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