Robert H. Wainwright

Robert H. Wainwright Filmography

movie 2015 Daementia as Hameln Guard Captain
movie 2014 A Dark Reflection as JASP Security Man
movie 2014 Balsamico as Detective Fallows
movie 2014 Nephilim as Cambion Cuytwa
movie 2014 The Secret Princess as Mr. Lion
movie 2013 Ambrosia as Alex
movie 2013 Killer Moves as Groom
movie 2013 Lady Crimson as Bluebeard
movie 2013 The Witness as John
movie 2013 Waiting as Tommy
movie 2012 A Human Race as Neila Smith
movie 2012 Ex-Soldiers as Caine
movie 2012 Felix, Net i Nika oraz teoretycznie mozliwa katastrofa as English Gentleman on Ferry
movie 2012 Intruder as Lukasz
movie 2012 Live East Die Young as Banker with Delilah
movie 2012 Shady Lady as RAAF Group Captain
movie 2012 The Interview as Josh
movie 2011 Three as City Drinker
movie 2011 Zenith House as Jack - Father
movie 2009 Act of God as Police Officer Outside Courthouse
video movie 2009 Dark Recess as Steven
movie 2009 Exodus as Joshua
video movie 2009 Mint: Tricycle Days as Man in Underwater Kissing Couple
movie 2009 The Adventures of a Plumber in Outer Space as Sergeant Zucker
movie 2009 The Demon Within as Lincoln
movie 2009 Uncut as Nick
movie 2008 8ight Limbs as The Twin Torturer
movie 2008 An Unsuitable Boy as Demetris Petrides
video movie 2007 A Quiet Evening as David
movie 2007 The Sister Resurrection as Simon Baker-Finch
movie 2006 A Man in the Crowd as Male in House Buying Couple
movie 2006 Bloodmyth as Bosnian cellar victim
movie 2006 Paradox as Pacing Mental Patient
movie 2006 Suspicious Mind as Colin Davies
movie 2006 The Liberator as Butch

Robert H. Wainwright on Youtube

Robert H. Wainwright's latest acting showreel (compiled and edited in 2011 by Alex Leonard).

Trailer for the short horror film 'SIX SECONDS TO DIE', by The Wright Way Films. Directed by Iannis Aliferis and written by Robert H. Wainwright. Trailer mus...

A Wright Way Films Production in association with The House of Writers, 2012 Written and Directed by Iannis Aliferis Produced by Robert H. Wainwright and Ian.

The trailer for 'The Glasses' episode of Israeli comedy series PINI, from Season 3. Featuring Tomer Barzide, Tom Jones and Charlotte Beckett. Also featuring ...