Robert Harron

Robert "Bobby" Harron (April 12, 1893 ? September 5, 1920) was an American motion picture actor of the early silent film era. Although he acted in scores of films, he is possibly best remembered for his roles in the D.W. Griffith directed films Intolerance and The Birth of a Nation. He was also the older brother of film actor John Harron and actress Mary Harron. ... more on Wikipedia

Robert Harron Filmography

video movie 1998 Star Power: The Creation of United Artists as Himself
tv movie 1985 Proposta in quattro parti
movie 1975 The Moving Picture Boys in the Great War as Himself
movie 1947 Flicker Flashbacks No. 2, Series 5 as Himself
movie 1936 Fashions in Love
movie 1921 Coincidence as Billy Jenks
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 9 as Himself
movie 1919 A Romance of Happy Valley as John L. Logan Jr
movie 1919 The Girl Who Stayed at Home as James Grey
movie 1919 The Greatest Question as Jimmie Hilton
movie 1919 The Mother and the Law as The Boy
movie 1919 True Heart Susie as William Jenkins
movie 1918 Hearts of the World as The Boy - Douglas Gordon Hamilton
movie 1918 The Great Love as Jim Young
movie 1918 The Greatest Thing in Life as Edward Livingston
movie 1917 An Old Fashioned Young Man as Frank Trent
movie 1917 Sunshine Alley as Ned Morris
movie 1917 The Bad Boy as Jimmie Bates
movie 1916 A Child of the Paris Streets as Jimmie Parker
movie 1916 A Wild Girl of the Sierras as Bob Jordan
movie 1916 Hoodoo Ann as Jimmie Vance
movie 1916 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages as The Boy
movie 1916 The Little Liar as Bobby
movie 1916 The Marriage of Molly-O as Larry O'Dea
movie 1916 The Missing Links as Henry Gaylord
movie 1916 The Wharf Rat as Eddie Douglas
movie 1915 Her Shattered Idol as Robert
movie 1915 The Birth of a Nation as Tod - Stoneman's Younger Son
movie 1915 The Outcast as Bob
movie 1915 The Outlaw's Revenge as The American lover
movie 1915 The Victim as Frank Hastings
movie 1914 A Lesson in Mechanics
movie 1914 Apple Pie Mary as Burford Dane
movie 1914 Brute Force as Harry Faulkner
movie 1914 Down by the Sounding Sea as The Beachcomber's Daughter's Sweetheart
movie 1914 For Those Unborn
movie 1914 His Mother's Trust as Tom Woods
movie 1914 Home, Sweet Home as The Eastener, Robert Winthrop
movie 1914 Judith of Bethulia as Nathan
movie 1914 Moonshine Molly as Uriah Hudson
movie 1914 Paid with Interest as Tom Taylor
movie 1914 Sands of Fate as Arthur Lee
movie 1914 The Avenging Conscience: or 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' as The Grocery Boy
movie 1914 The Battle of the Sexes as John Andrews, the son
movie 1914 The Birthday Present as Ellis - the Husband
movie 1914 The Deputy Sheriff's Star as Young Jim Harper
movie 1914 The Escape as Larry Joyce
movie 1914 The Great God Fear as Dick Stull
movie 1914 The Great Leap: Until Death Do Us Part as Bobby Dawson
movie 1914 The Idiot
movie 1914 The Massacre as In Cavalry
movie 1914 The Newer Woman
movie 1914 The Odalisque as Ed, in love with Annie
movie 1914 The Rebellion of Kitty Belle as Joe Bell
movie 1914 The Saving Flame
movie 1914 The Smugglers of Sligo as The First Mate
movie 1914 The Stolen Code
movie 1914 The Weaker Strain
movie 1914 Their First Acquaintance as Bob Taylor
movie 1913 A Misappropriated Turkey as Union Member
movie 1913 A Misunderstood Boy as The Son
movie 1913 A Timely Interception as The Farmer's Adopted Son
movie 1913 An Unjust Suspicion as On Beach
movie 1913 Broken Ways as In Telegraph Office
movie 1913 Brothers as The Father's Favorite Son
movie 1913 By Man's Law as Young Boy
movie 1913 Death's Marathon as The Messenger
movie 1913 Fate as The Beloved Son
movie 1913 Her Mother's Oath as Medicine Show Patron
movie 1913 His Mother's Son as The Orphan
movie 1913 In the Elemental World as The Young Hunter
movie 1913 Influence of the Unknown as The Young Woman's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Love in an Apartment Hotel as The Desk Clerk
movie 1913 Near to Earth as Gato's Brother
movie 1913 Oil and Water
movie 1913 The Adopted Brother as The Adopted Brother
movie 1913 The Battle at Elderbush Gulch as The Father
movie 1913 The Blue or the Gray as The Southern Boy
movie 1913 The Coming of Angelo
movie 1913 The Girl Across the Way as The Boy
movie 1913 The House of Darkness as Asylum Guard
movie 1913 The Lady and the Mouse as The Young Friend
movie 1913 The Little Tease as Jim
movie 1913 The Perfidy of Mary as Boy Who Gives Directions
movie 1913 The Pseudo Prodigal as The Prodigal Son
movie 1913 The Reformers; or, The Lost Art of Minding One's Business as The Son
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Baby as The Deputy
movie 1913 The Sorrowful Shore as One of the Son's Friends
movie 1913 The Tender Hearted Boy as The Tender-Hearted Boy
movie 1913 The Yaqui Cur as Strongheart, a Yaqui Youth
movie 1912 A Beast at Bay as A Farmer
movie 1912 A Change of Spirit as Young Man on Street
movie 1912 A Child's Remorse as Boatman
movie 1912 A Cry for Help as Witnes to Accident
movie 1912 A Feud in the Kentucky Hills as A Brother
movie 1912 A Lodging for the Night as In Gambling Hall
movie 1912 A Pueblo Legend as The Great Brother's Friend
movie 1912 A Sailor's Heart as On Porch
movie 1912 A String of Pearls as In Tenement
movie 1912 A Temporary Truce as The Murdered Indian's Son
movie 1912 An Unseen Enemy as The Boy
movie 1912 Billy's Stratagem as A Settler
movie 1912 Brutality
movie 1912 Fate's Interception as The Errand Boy
movie 1912 For His Son as At Soda Fountain
movie 1912 Friends as Stableboy
movie 1912 Heredity as Indian
movie 1912 Home Folks as The Young Woman's Brother
movie 1912 Iola's Promise as A Settler
movie 1912 Just Like a Woman as Stableboy
movie 1912 Man's Genesis as Weakhands
movie 1912 Man's Lust for Gold as The Prospector's Son
movie 1912 My Hero as The Young Man
movie 1912 One Is Business, the Other Crime as Delivery Boy
movie 1912 So Near, Yet So Far as The Rival
movie 1912 The Burglar's Dilemma as Young Burglar
movie 1912 The Girl and Her Trust as Telegrapher's Companion
movie 1912 The Informer
movie 1912 The Inner Circle as In Crowd
movie 1912 The Lesser Evil as In Smuggler Band
movie 1912 The Musketeers of Pig Alley as Rival Gang Member
movie 1912 The New York Hat as Youth outside church
movie 1912 The Old Actor as The Messenger
movie 1912 The Painted Lady as Beau at Ice Cream Festival
movie 1912 The Sands of Dee as Bobby
movie 1912 The School Teacher and the Waif as Schoolboy
movie 1912 The Transformation of Mike as At Dance
movie 1912 Those Hicksville Boys
movie 1912 Two Daughters of Eve as At Stage Door
movie 1912 Under Burning Skies as On Street
movie 1911 A Country Cupid as Among Students
movie 1911 A Wreath of Orange Blossoms as Mover
movie 1911 Bobby, the Coward as Bobby
movie 1911 Enoch Arden: Part II as Teenage Arden Son
movie 1911 Fighting Blood as The Old Soldier's Son
movie 1911 Her Awakening as On Street
movie 1911 The Battle as A Union soldier
movie 1911 The Broken Cross
movie 1911 The Diving Girl as The Bellboy
movie 1911 The Failure as At Fiancée's House
movie 1911 The Italian Barber as Buying Newspapers
movie 1911 The Last Drop of Water as In Wagon Train
movie 1911 The Long Road as Family Friend
movie 1911 The Miser's Heart as Bakeshop Assistant
movie 1911 The Primal Call as On Ship
movie 1911 The Unveiling as The Boy
movie 1911 The White Rose of the Wilds as White Rose's Brother
movie 1911 When a Man Loves as Young Man
movie 1911 The Squaw's Love
movie 1910 A Child's Impulse as Country Boy
movie 1910 A Plain Song as Storemate
movie 1910 A Summer Idyll as A Country Boy
movie 1910 Examination Day at School
movie 1910 Her Terrible Ordeal as At Station
movie 1910 In the Season of Buds
movie 1910 Ramona
movie 1910 Sunshine Sue as Sweatshop Employee
movie 1910 The Banker's Daughters as Messenger
movie 1910 The Call as Boy Passing Handbills
movie 1910 The Converts as Bystander
movie 1910 The Lesson as Young Boy
movie 1910 The Modern Prodigal as At Post Office
movie 1910 The Newlyweds as At Station Reception
movie 1910 The Way of the World as A Hayer
movie 1910 Wilful Peggy
movie 1910 Winning Back His Love as At Stage Door
movie 1909 A Burglar's Mistake as The Messenger
movie 1909 A Corner in Wheat as On the Floor of the Exchange
movie 1909 A Drunkard's Reformation as Theatre Usher
movie 1909 A Sound Sleeper as In Fight
movie 1909 A Sweet Revenge as On the Bridge
movie 1909 A Troublesome Satchel as In Crowd
movie 1909 A Wreath in Time as Messenger
movie 1909 At the Altar as On Street
movie 1909 His Duty as One of the children on the street
movie 1909 His Wife's Mother as Busboy
movie 1909 In a Hempen Bag as The Young Man
movie 1909 In Old Kentucky as Extra
movie 1909 Jones and the Lady Book Agent as Messenger
movie 1909 Mr. Jones Has a Card Party as A Messenger
movie 1909 One Busy Hour as Customer
movie 1909 Pranks as One of the Boys
movie 1909 The Brahma Diamond as Native Servant
movie 1909 The Broken Locket as Outside Company Office
movie 1909 The Drive for a Life as Messenger
movie 1909 The Girls and Daddy as Messenger
movie 1909 The Hessian Renegades as Farmer
movie 1909 The Hindoo Dagger as Messenger
movie 1909 The Little Darling
movie 1909 The Lonely Villa
movie 1909 The Message as Farm Boy
movie 1909 The Note in the Shoe as In Store
movie 1909 The Salvation Army Lass as In Street Crowds
movie 1909 The Welcome Burglar as Messenger
movie 1909 They Would Elope as At Stable
movie 1909 Those Awful Hats as Theatre Audience
movie 1909 Through the Breakers as At the Club
movie 1909 Tis an Ill Wind That Blows No Good as In Crowd
movie 1909 To Save Her Soul as Stagehand
movie 1909 Tragic Love as Paper Boy
movie 1909 Trying to Get Arrested as In Fight
movie 1909 Two Memories
movie 1908 A Calamitous Elopement as Bellboy
movie 1908 A Smoked Husband as Messenger
movie 1908 At the Crossroads of Life as Messenger
movie 1908 At the French Ball as Extra
movie 1908 Balked at the Altar
movie 1908 Behind the Scenes as Messenger
movie 1908 Bobby's Kodak as Son
movie 1908 Concealing a Burglar as Valet
movie 1908 Her First Adventure as Extra in Crowd
movie 1908 Mixed Babies as Boy in Front of Store
movie 1908 Monday Morning in a Coney Island Police Court as Young Man
movie 1908 Professional Jealousy as Backstage Messenger
movie 1908 The Boy Detective, or The Abductors Foiled as Swifty
movie 1908 The Clubman and the Tramp as Man on Street
movie 1908 The Feud and the Turkey as George Wilkinson
movie 1908 The Helping Hand as Messenger
movie 1908 The Reckoning as Man in Crowd
movie 1908 The Snowman as A Child
movie 1908 The Song of the Shirt as Stock Boy
movie 1908 The Test of Friendship as Man Leaving Factory
movie 1908 The Valet's Wife as Valet
movie 1908 Thompson's Night Out as Sign Changer
movie 1908 Where the Breakers Roar as On Boardwalk
movie 1907 Dr. Skinum as Boy at Door
movie 1907 Mr. Gay and Mrs. as Messenger

Robert Harron on Youtube

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I do not own the pictures, clips, or song. This is a tribute to one of my all-time favorite actors.

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