Robert La Rosa

Robert La Rosa Filmography

movie 2013 Kate as Bar Patron
movie 2013 Us & Them as Cole's Student
movie 2013 Return
movie 2013 The Interview
movie 2013 My Cross to Bear
movie 2012 Did We Nail the Audition? as Leonard Sorbet
movie 2012 Raw Umber as Patient #1
movie 2012 Tilt of a Rose as Fan
movie 2012 End of the Great American Businessman
movie 2011 Shadowplay as Concert-goer
movie 2011 Super/Heroes as Knox Production Crew - gaffer
movie 2011 The Clear
movie 2010 Fixation
movie 2009 Collision as Rick Evans

Robert La Rosa on Youtube

The official trailer to Robert La Rosa's masterpiece. Locked In The Bathroom (Movie)

Reel Edited by Robert La Rosa.

The teaser trailer for the short, low-budget feature film 'Us & Them'. Cole Levitt is a new teacher of Dramatics and Literature at Ford High School. Only 24,...

Our dialogue-free, Jamesport-centric super teaser trailer for the short film "Super/Heroes". Not meant to be plot heavy but rather introduce the mood for the...