Robert Mammone

Robert Mammone is an Australian actor who has many television and film credits. ... more on Wikipedia

Robert Mammone Filmography

tv series 2014 Fat Tony & Co as Tony Mokbel
movie 2013 Mystery Road as Constable Roberts
movie 2011 Swerve as Logan
movie 2011 The Dragon Pearl as Philip Dukas
movie 2010 Arctic Blast as Charlie Barker
movie 2009 Storage as Francis
movie 2008 Bleeders as Lenny
movie 2008 Eleven as Jake Taransky
movie 2007 The Condemned as Breckel
movie 2007 U-Turn
tv movie 2006 BlackJack: At the Gates as Tom Lyndon
movie 2006 Caterpillar Wish as Stephen Knight
movie 2005 Man-Thing as Mike Ploog
movie 2005 The Great Raid as Captain Fisher
tv movie 2004 'Salem's Lot as Dr. James Cody
tv movie 2004 Small Claims as Todd Fehlers
tv movie 2003 Future Tense as Philip Kindred
movie 2003 The Matrix Reloaded as AK
movie 2003 The Matrix Revolutions as AK
movie 2003 The Pact as Wilga Roberts
movie 2003 The Policy as Peter Walker
movie 2001 Echo as Edouard
movie 2001 Jet Set
tv movie 2000 Green Sails as Craig Sheridan
movie 2000 Vertical Limit as Brian Maki
movie 1999 Spank as Paulie
tv movie 1998 Cody: The Wrong Stuff as Fiorelli
tv movie 1998 Never Tell Me Never as Dr Adrian Cohen
movie 1997 Heaven's Burning as Mahood
movie 1997 Wanted as Su-Ming
tv movie 1996 Cody: Fall from Grace as Fiorelli
tv movie 1996 McLeod's Daughters as Patrick Devlin
movie 1996 Offspring as Ben King
tv movie 1996 The Beast as Ensign Raines
tv movie 1996 The Territorians as Terry Gittoes
tv movie 1995 Cody: The Burnout as Fiorelli
tv movie 1994 Cody: A Family Affair as Fiorelli
tv movie 1994 Cody: Bad Love as Fiorelli
tv movie 1994 Cody: The Tipoff as Fiorelli
tv movie 1994 Official Denial as Michael Novado
movie 1994 Street Fighter as Carlos Blanka
tv movie 1993 The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? as Pilot #1
movie 1990 The Crossing as Sam
tv movie 1989 The Hijacking of the Achille Lauro as Aldo
tv series 1988 All the Way as Mr. Bianchi
tv series 1988 Emma: Queen of the South Seas as Coe Forsayth
tv series 1982 Sons and Daughters as Tim Palmer

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Taking place towards the end of WWII, 500 American Soldiers have been entrapped in a camp for 3 years. Beginning to give up hope they will ever be rescued, ...

This morning we caught up with Aussie actor Robert Mammone to discuss the new TV show Fat Tony & Co and his character Tony Mokbel ...

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Starring: Joong-Hoon Park, Steve Bastoni and Robert Mammone.