Robert N. Bradbury

Robert N. Bradbury (March 23, 1886 ? November 24, 1949) was an American film director and screenwriter who directed 125 movies between 1918 and 1941. He is most famous for directing early western films starring John Wayne in the 1930s, including Riders of Destiny (1933; an early singing cowboy movie), The Lucky Texan (1934), West of the Divide (1934), Blue Steel (1934), The Man From Utah (1934), The Star Packer (1934), The Trail Beyond (1934; co-starring Noah Beery, Sr. and Noah Beery, Jr.), T ... more on Wikipedia

Robert N. Bradbury Filmography

movie 1962 'Neath Arizona Skies
movie 1950 West of the Brazos
movie 1941 Forbidden Trails
movie 1939 The Phantom Stage
movie 1937 Danger Valley
movie 1937 God's Country and the Man
movie 1937 Riders of the Dawn
movie 1937 Romance of the Rockies
movie 1937 Stars Over Arizona
movie 1937 Where Trails Divide
movie 1937 Hittin' the Trail
movie 1937 Riders of the Rockies
movie 1937 Sing, Cowboy, Sing
movie 1937 The Trusted Outlaw
movie 1937 Trouble in Texas
movie 1936 Cavalry
movie 1936 Last of the Warrens
movie 1936 The Kid Ranger
movie 1936 Brand of the Outlaws
movie 1936 Headin' for the Rio Grande
movie 1936 The Gun Ranger
movie 1936 The Law Rides
movie 1936 Valley of the Lawless
movie 1935 Alias John Law
movie 1935 Between Men
movie 1935 Big Calibre
movie 1935 Kid Courageous
movie 1935 Smokey Smith
movie 1935 Sundown Saunders
movie 1935 Texas Terror
movie 1935 The Dawn Rider
movie 1935 Trail of Terror
movie 1935 Lawless Range
movie 1935 No Man's Range
movie 1935 Rainbow Valley
movie 1935 The Courageous Avenger
movie 1935 The Rider of the Law
movie 1935 Tombstone Terror
movie 1935 Westward Ho
movie 1934 Blue Steel
movie 1934 The Lawless Frontier
movie 1934 The Lucky Texan
movie 1934 The Star Packer
movie 1934 West of the Divide
movie 1934 Western Justice
movie 1934 Happy Landing
movie 1934 The Man from Utah
movie 1934 The Trail Beyond
movie 1933 Galloping Romeo
movie 1933 Riders of Destiny
movie 1933 The Gallant Fool
movie 1933 Breed of the Border
movie 1933 Ranger's Code
movie 1932 Law of the West
movie 1932 Son of Oklahoma
movie 1932 Texas Buddies
movie 1932 The Man from Hell's Edges
movie 1932 Hidden Valley
movie 1932 Riders of the Desert
movie 1931 A Son of the Plains
movie 1931 Dugan of the Badlands
movie 1928 Driftin' Sands
movie 1928 Orphan of the Sage
movie 1928 Phantom of the Range
movie 1928 Red Riders of Canada
movie 1928 The Little Buckaroo
movie 1928 The Pinto Kid
movie 1928 Tyrant of Red Gulch
movie 1928 Lightning Speed
movie 1928 The Bantam Cowboy
movie 1928 Headin' for Danger
movie 1927 Cyclone of the Range
movie 1927 Lightning Lariats
movie 1927 Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre
movie 1927 The Mojave Kid
movie 1926 Daniel Boone Thru the Wilderness
movie 1926 The Border Sherriff
movie 1926 Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo
movie 1926 Looking for Trouble
movie 1926 The Fighting Doctor
movie 1925 North of Nome as Bruce McLaren
movie 1925 The Battler
movie 1925 Hidden Loot
movie 1925 Moccasins
movie 1925 Riders of Mystery
movie 1925 The Danger Zone
movie 1925 The Speed Demon
movie 1924 Behind Two Guns as Express Agent Dick
movie 1924 In High Gear
movie 1924 Wanted by the Law
movie 1924 Yankee Speed
movie 1924 The Galloping Ace
movie 1924 The Man from Wyoming
movie 1924 The Phantom Horseman
movie 1923 Gallopin' Through
movie 1923 The Forbidden Trail
movie 1923 Desert Rider
movie 1923 Face to Face
movie 1923 No Tenderfoot
movie 1923 The Red Warning
movie 1923 The Wolf Trapper
movie 1923 What Love Will Do
movie 1923 Wolf Tracks
movie 1922 A Guilty Cause
movie 1922 At Large
movie 1922 Come Clean
movie 1922 Dangerous Trails
movie 1922 Daring Dangers
movie 1922 It Is the Law
movie 1922 Mysterious Tracks
movie 1922 Riders of the Law
movie 1922 Ridin' Through
movie 1922 Seeing Red
movie 1922 The Hour of Doom
movie 1922 The Opossum
movie 1922 Two Men
movie 1921 The Impostor
movie 1921 The Sage-Brush Musketeers
movie 1921 The Tempest
movie 1921 A Day in the Wilds
movie 1921 Catching a Coon
movie 1921 Lorraine of the Timberlands
movie 1921 Mother o' Dreams
movie 1921 The American Badger
movie 1921 The Civet Cat
movie 1921 The Heart of Dorean
movie 1921 The Honor of Ramirez
movie 1921 The Skunk
movie 1921 The Spirit of the Lake
movie 1921 The Wolver
movie 1921 Trailing the Coyote
movie 1920 Into the Light
movie 1920 The Courage of Marge O'Doone
movie 1920 The Death Trap
movie 1920 The Adventures of Bob and Bill
movie 1919 Jacques of the Silver North
movie 1919 The Last of His People
movie 1919 Perils of Thunder Mountain
movie 1919 The Faith of the Strong
movie 1918 Nobody's Wife
movie 1918 The Fighting Grin
movie 1918 The Iron Test
movie 1918 The Wooing of Riley
movie 1916 Along the Malibu

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