Robert Nolan

Robert Nolan Filmography

movie 1915 A Woman Without a Soul as Rogers
movie 1915 For Her Friend as Stanton
movie 1915 For Her Happiness as The Artist's Business Friend
movie 1915 Her Stepchildren as Frank's Friend
movie 1915 His Criminal Career as Detective Carson
movie 1915 Jealousy's Fools as 2nd Prospector
movie 1915 Jean the Faithful as The Eye Specialist
movie 1915 More Than Friends
movie 1915 Packer Jim's Guardianship as Claim Jumper
movie 1915 The Call of Her Child as Henry Blake
movie 1915 The Chadford Diamonds as Kenyon's Private Secretary
movie 1915 The Claim of Honor as The American Tourist
movie 1915 The Oriental Ruby as The Real Crook
movie 1915 The Test of Sincerity as The Girl's Admirer
movie 1915 The Ward of the Mission as The Widow's Grown Son
movie 1915 The Woman Who Paid as The Other Man
movie 1914 Blacksmith Ben as Joe
movie 1914 His Prior Claim as Harry Dearborn
movie 1914 Life's Stream as The Mountain Girl's Admirer
movie 1914 The First Law as Bud
movie 1914 The House of Silence as Dr. Mason

Robert Nolan on Youtube

Robert Nolan discussing "HEIR". The final short film from Fatal Pictures Logline: A touching tale of father and son HEIR is Written & Directed by Richard Pow...

Spy Fi...that's what the makers of this new MMO call this game. I have been watching it for awhile and all I can say is Huxley best watch it's tail.

Trailer #2 of the Canadian feature film, A Date with FEAR, featuring Amar Agha, Ashley Kranz & Robert Nolan; Producer: S. Sekhon; Director: Asit Kaul.

Teaser trailer for TALES FROM HELL, featuring Robert Nolan and Sandra DaCosta. Find us at: