Roberta Maxwell

Roberta Maxwell (born c. 1942) is a Canadian actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Roberta Maxwell Filmography

movie 2014 Hungry Hearts as Anne
movie 2014 What We Have as Rosemary
movie 2007 The Killing Floor as Ms. Alimet
tv movie 2006 Booky Makes Her Mark as Aunt Aggie
tv movie 2006 The Mermaid Chair as Nelle
movie 2005 Brokeback Mountain as Jack's Mother
tv movie 2005 Riding the Bus with My Sister as Valerie
tv movie 2005 Vinegar Hill as Ellen's Mother
tv movie 2004 Gracie's Choice as Judge
tv movie 2002 Scar Tissue as Mora Carlisle-Nevsky
tv series 2002 Benjamin Franklin as Deborah Read Franklin
video movie 2001 Full Disclosure as Sarah Archer
tv movie 2001 What Makes a Family as Claire
tv movie 2000 Life in a Day as Carla Jennings
tv movie 2000 The Dinosaur Hunter as Adult Julia
tv movie 1999 Forget Me Never
tv movie 1999 Shadow Lake
tv movie 1999 Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke as Myra
movie 1999 Water Damage as Dr. Winfrey
tv movie 1998 At the End of the Day: The Sue Rodriguez Story as Doe
movie 1998 Last Night as Mrs. Wheeler
movie 1997 Fall as Joan Alterman
movie 1997 The Postman as Irene March
tv movie 1997 When Innocence Is Lost as Cynthia Adams
tv movie 1996 Mistrial as Judge Friel
tv movie 1996 We the Jury as Lydia Bosco
movie 1995 Dead Man Walking as Lucille Poncelet
movie 1993 Philadelphia as Judge Tate
movie 1989 Kingsgate
movie 1986 Psycho III as Tracy
tv movie 1983 As You Like It as Rosalind
tv movie 1983 Special Bulletin as Diane Silverman
tv movie 1982 Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal as Mary Belinski
movie 1980 Popeye as Nana Oyl
movie 1980 The Changeling as Eva Lingstrom
movie 1979 Rich Kids as Barbara Peterfreund
tv series 1978 Mourning Becomes Electra as Lavinia Mannon
tv movie 1976 The Other Side of Victory
tv movie 1974 A Touch of the Poet as Sara Melody
tv series 1970 All My Children as Nanny Judith
movie 1968 A Great Big Thing as Eve
tv series 1964 Another World as Barbara Weaver #1
tv series 1960 Just Mary
tv series 1955 Junior Magazine as Host

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When a man with AIDS is fired by a conservative law firm because of his condition, he hires a homophobic small time lawyer as the only willing advocate for a...

Roberta Maxwell Opening night after party for the Off-Broadway production of Sarah R.

The Official Trailer for the film WHAT WE HAVE. written and directed by Maxime Desmons starring Maxime Desmons, Alex Ozerov, Jean-Michel Le Gal, Kristen Thom.

Original tape date: February 28, 2014. First aired: March 22, 2014. Actresses Roberta Maxwell and Marcia Rodd, plus talk show host Dick Cavett discuss their ...