Rocky Benoit

Rocky Benoit Filmography

movie 2014 LoveTouchHate as Bradley
movie 2013 Love, Lust, & A Room Key as Titus
movie 2013 Riddance as Infected Man
movie 2012 Dinner and Daisies as Dave
tv movie 2011 The Barista as Jake Parkens
movie 2010 Broomba as Rick
movie 2010 Lapse as Jon
movie 2009 Billy and the Hurricane as Dr. Scott Parker

Rocky Benoit on Youtube

The trailer for a short film written and produced by Rocky Benoit and directed by Tony Savant, starring Holly Gagnier and Rocky Benoit.

Rocky Benoit as Bradley in LoveTouchHate.

Starring: Rocky Benoit, Michelle Coyle, Brian Lally and Eric Edwards Directed by:Ricardo Ultreras Produced by: OHO Entertainment.

A dramatic, psychological thriller about two people hiding away from the world in a cabin in the woods. But one of them has a secret that will affect them tr...