Rocky Collins

Rocky Collins Filmography

tv movie 2013 Feynman: The Challenger
tv movie 2013 The Challenger
tv movie 2012 Confederate Flying Machine
tv movie 2012 Counter Terror Intel
tv movie 2011 Last Shuttle: Our Journey
tv movie 2011 Star Clock BC
tv movie 2011 World's Oldest Child
tv movie 2010 Creating Synthetic Life
tv movie 2009 Angels vs. Demons: Fact or Fiction?
tv movie 2009 Underwater Universe
tv movie 2006 The Mayflower
tv movie 2004 Witch Hunt
tv series 2003 Deep Sea Detectives
tv movie 2003 The Ravens: Covert War in Laos
movie 2002 How to Draw a Bunny
movie 2000 Our House: A Very Real Documentary About Kids of Gay & Lesbian Parents
tv series 2000 EGG, the Arts Show
tv movie 1999 UFOs and Aliens: The Search for Truth
movie 1998 Pants on Fire
tv movie 1996 Breasts: A Documentary
movie 1995 Mercy
tv series 1995 City Arts
tv series 1991 Making Sense of the Sixties
tv series 1988 The American Experience
movie 1981 Polyester as Bus passenger

Rocky Collins on Youtube

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by Rocky Collins.

Filmmaker Rocky Collins discusses his film "Pants on Fire" concerning adultery.

CREDITS: Directed By Giordany Orellana Key Grip - Mario Reyes Production Assistant - Rika Watanabe Production Assistant - Rocky Collins Composer ...