Rod Damer

Rod Damer Filmography

movie 2011 Chinese Takeout as NAMBLA Lawyer
movie 2011 Fiddler Audition as Producer 1
movie 2011 Spacechild as The Senator
movie 2010 My Friend Peter as Midwestern Man
movie 2010 The Salesman as The Salesman
movie 2009 Protection as Gambler
movie 2008 Charlie Thistle as Businessman
movie 2007 Zodiac as FBI Codebreaker
movie 2005 Rib Shack as Russell P. Scrotemberg
movie 2004 Ambrosia as Mr. Fitzsimmons
movie 2001 Killer Me as Police Detective
movie 1998 A Civil Action
movie 1997 Alien: Resurrection as Soldier
movie 1996 Where Truth Lies

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Informace o filmu na Drama / krimi / thriller, USA, 2007, 157 min. Režie: David Fincher Hrají: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffa...

Trailer to the finest science fiction film in the Aliens franchise. 200 years after her death, Ellen Ripley is revived as a powerful human/Alien hybrid clone... Dante Hewson is a daring man on a solo mission to go out farther into space than anyone has ever gone. As he prepares ...

Reading in NYC of "The Green Room" Music and lyrics: Chuck Pelletier Book: Rod Damer and Stephen Foster (writer of Legends and Bridge to be produced in ...