Rodrigo Lopresti

Rodrigo Lopresti (born September 6, 1976) is an American actor, musician and movie director who lives in Brooklyn, New York. ... more on Wikipedia

Rodrigo Lopresti Filmography

movie 2014 Glass Chin as Ben McLemore
movie 2014 In a Moment's Time as Carlos
movie 2014 Intruder on Hoyt Street as Cliff Gibson
movie 2013 A Song Still Inside as Michael Hayes
movie 2013 Somebody's Gotta Do It as Young Man
movie 2013 Sometimes I Lie as Travis #2
movie 2013 About a Girl
movie 2012 Shooting with John as Himself
movie 2012 Sunburn as Rusty
movie 2011 I'm Not Me as Josh Morgan
movie 2010 The 3rd Letter as Jeffrey Brief
movie 2010 The Imperialists Are Still Alive! as Eagle
movie 2009 The Missing Person as Carlos Clemente
movie 2009 You're Gonna Feel Funny After as Mike
movie 2008 A Blue Collapse as Masked Character
movie 2008 Last Call as Francisco
movie 2007 Neal Cassady as Jim Maris
movie 2006 Delirious as Demo
movie 2006 Lucia as Andrew Lasky
movie 2006 The Night Listener as Young Man at Party
movie 2005 Last Days as Band in Club
movie 2003 Bringing Rain as Reb Babbitt
movie 2001 Dark Voices as Diego
movie The Challenger as Pete The Cameraman

Rodrigo Lopresti on Youtube

As Josh (Rodrigo Lopresti) struggles with the death of his wife Sam (Francis Benhamou), his grief begins to manifest itself in haunting and strange ways. Whe...

"You're Gonna Feel Funny After" movie trailer. When Mike (Rodrigo Lopresti) decides it's time for his 15 year old brother Duke (Kenny Sosnowski) to loose his...

Episode 2, Season 2 of Shooting With John we talk with Rodrigo Lopresti about letting go and taking control all at the right times. Rodrigo Lopresti: 81 John...

A Song Still Inside is a story about a stay-at-home father struggling in the shadow of his wife's success.