Roger Cox

Roger Cox Filmography

movie 1988 Rikky and Pete as General Store Owner
movie 1985 The Naked Country as Publican
tv movie 1983 Chase Through the Night as Bill Ky
tv movie 1981 Air Hawk as Bailiff
movie 1972 Sunstruck as Ben
tv series 1972 Number 96 as Richard Monkhouse
movie 1971 Bello, onesto, emigrato Australia sposerebbe compaesana illibata

Roger Cox on Youtube

The late Roger Cox leads this selection during the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Virginia Choral Ensemble in 1997.

Roger sings for the Sparta Opry fans.

RIPTIDE (1968) No.3 Jump High, Land Easy (PG). Productiion: Artransa Park Studios/Trans Pacific Enterprises. Cast: Ty Hardin, Sue Costin, Jonathan Sweet, ...