Roger Moore

Roger Moore Filmography

movie 1953 Confidentially Connie as Bit Role
movie 1953 Dangerous When Wet as Reporter
movie 1953 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes as Chauffeur
movie 1953 Meet Me at the Fair as Wall Street Tycoon
movie 1953 Pickup on South Street as Mr. Victor
movie 1953 Scandal at Scourie as Man
movie 1953 Small Town Girl as Chauffeur
movie 1953 The Clown as Roger, Man Meeting Hogarth
movie 1953 The Girl Next Door as Photographer
movie 1952 Above and Beyond as Civilian
movie 1952 Kansas City Confidential as News Vendor's Customer
movie 1952 Monkey Business as Bit
movie 1952 Pat and Mike as Photographer
movie 1952 Paula as Minor Role
movie 1952 Stars and Stripes Forever as President's Aide
movie 1952 The Bad and the Beautiful as Cigar Clerk
movie 1952 Young Man with Ideas as Real Estate Associate
movie 1951 As Young as You Feel as Saltenstall
movie 1951 Go for Broke! as Major
movie 1951 Half Angel as Reporter
movie 1951 It's a Big Country: An American Anthology as Reporter
movie 1951 Let's Make It Legal as Reporter
movie 1951 Rich, Young and Pretty as Legionnaire
movie 1951 The Great Caruso as Fireman in Gallery
movie 1951 The Strip as Bookie Joint Clerk
movie 1951 The Tall Target as Minor Role
movie 1951 Too Young to Kiss as Photographer
movie 1950 Dial 1119 as Pedestrian
movie 1950 Duchess of Idaho as Escort
movie 1950 Father of the Bride as Engagement Party Guest
movie 1950 Francis as Marine Corps Major
movie 1950 Key to the City as Assistant Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1950 Shadow on the Wall as Mr. Townsend
movie 1950 The Fuller Brush Girl
movie 1950 The Yellow Cab Man as Reporter
movie 1949 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court as Bidder
movie 1949 Any Number Can Play as Casino Patron
movie 1949 East Side, West Side as Reporter at Airport
movie 1949 House of Strangers as Architect
movie 1949 The Barkleys of Broadway as 1st Man
movie 1949 The Gal Who Took the West as Party Guest
movie 1949 Tulsa as Oilman
movie 1949 Whirlpool as Fingerprint Man
movie 1948 Act of Violence as Wino Pedestrian
movie 1948 Good Sam as Minor Role
movie 1948 Homecoming as Doctor
movie 1948 Isn't It Romantic? as Townsman
movie 1948 Luxury Liner as Waiter
movie 1948 State of the Union as Photographer
movie 1948 The Fuller Brush Man as Det. Foster
movie 1947 Hollywood Bound as Edited from: Ferry-Go-Round
movie 1945 Film Tactics as Officer
movie 1944 Meet the People as Julie's Chauffeur
movie 1943 A Stranger in Town as Townsman at Hearing
movie 1943 Farm Hands as Mickey's Dad
movie 1943 Girl Crazy as Cameraman
movie 1943 Hitler's Madman as Prisoner
movie 1943 I Dood It as Man in Audience at 'Star Eyes'
movie 1943 Slightly Dangerous as Assistant Floorwalker
movie 1943 Swing Shift Maisie as Minor Role
movie 1943 The Cross of Lorraine as French Soldier
movie 1943 Trifles That Win Wars as Doctor
movie 1942 Andy Hardy's Double Life as Court Clerk
movie 1942 Fingers at the Window as Jim - an Actor
movie 1942 Grand Central Murder as Police Stenographer
movie 1942 Panama Hattie as Spy
movie 1942 The War Against Mrs. Hadley as Reporter
movie 1942 This Time for Keeps as Country Club Waiter
movie 1941 1-2-3 Go! as Man at accident scene
movie 1941 A Woman's Face as Party Guest
movie 1941 Blossoms in the Dust as Notary
movie 1941 Helping Hands as Clerk
movie 1941 Respect the Law as Reporter
movie 1941 Shadow of the Thin Man as Reporter
movie 1941 Unholy Partners as Newspaper Clerk with Flash Report
movie 1941 Wedding Worries as The best man
movie 1941 Whistling in the Dark as Airplane Passenger
movie 1940 Andy Hardy's Dilemma: A Lesson in Mathematics - And Other Things as Used Car Mechanic
movie 1940 Good Bad Boys as Court official
movie 1940 I Take This Woman as Inspector
movie 1940 Jack Pot as Ed - Dry Cleaning Plant Worker
movie 1940 Know Your Money as Taxicab Driver
movie 1940 The Shadow as Harry Vincent
movie 1939 Miracles for Sale as Magic Show Audience Volunteer
movie 1939 Nick Carter, Master Detective as Streeter's Secretary
movie 1939 Sergeant Madden as Fingerprint Instructor
movie 1939 Thunder Afloat as Orderly
movie 1938 Of Human Hearts as Attendant at College of Surgery
movie 1938 Paradise for Three as Telephone Operator Reporting Fire
movie 1938 Strange Glory
movie 1938 The First Hundred Years as Ship's Steward
movie 1938 Three Comrades as Party Guest
movie 1938 Too Hot to Handle as Still Cameraman
movie 1937 Bad Guy as Springford Airport Clerk
movie 1937 Candid Cameramaniacs
movie 1937 Double Wedding as Pianist at Spike's
movie 1937 The Boss Didn't Say Good Morning as Officer Worker
movie 1937 Torture Money as Cabbie
movie 1936 After the Thin Man as Reporter
movie 1936 Fury as Adams' Assistant
movie 1936 Sworn Enemy as Reporter
movie 1936 Tough Guy as G-Man
movie 1935 Broadway Melody of 1936 as Actor at Audtion
movie 1935 Mutiny Ahead as Darby
movie 1935 Night Life of the Gods as Orchestra Leader
movie 1934 Carolina as Officer
movie 1934 Death on the Diamond as Cardinal Player #11
movie 1934 Ferry-Go-Round as Bit Role
movie 1934 Mama's Little Pirate as Spanky's Father
movie 1934 Mike Fright as Radio Audition Audience member
movie 1934 Shrimps for a Day as Dick
movie 1934 The Gold Ghost
movie 1934 Three Little Pigskins as Pete, Joe's Henchman
movie 1933 Easy on the Eyes as Guest at Charity Event
movie 1933 Hot Hoofs as Horse's Groom
movie 1933 Husbands' Reunion as Lawyer
movie 1933 Knockout Kisses as Villain in Play
movie 1933 See You Tonight
movie 1933 Strange People as Joe Young
movie 1933 Too Many Highballs as Two Tens for a Five Gag
movie 1932 Alaska Love as Alaskan Guide
movie 1932 Bridge Wives as Sewer worker
movie 1932 Courting Trouble as Gambler
movie 1932 Doubling in the Quickies as Mr. Thompson - Paragon Leading Man
movie 1932 Hatta Marri as 2nd Arab Horse Thief
movie 1932 Hypnotized as Joe - the Lion Tamer
movie 1932 Lady! Please! as Prospective Tenant
movie 1932 Speed in the Gay Nineties as Jimmy
movie 1932 Taxi for Two as The Eloper
movie 1932 The Flirty Sleepwalker as Jimmie
movie 1931 In Conference as Kidnapping Soldier
movie 1931 Just a Bear as Jimmy Daley
movie 1931 One Yard to Go as Football Game Spectator
movie 1931 Speed as Jimmy's Pal
movie 1931 The College Vamp as Grand Kipper of Fraternity
movie 1931 The Dog Doctor as Lion Keeper
movie 1931 The Great Pie Mystery as Mystery Man with Turban
movie 1930 Average Husband as Party Guest
movie 1930 Dancing Sweeties as Pat
movie 1930 Goodbye Legs as Ed's 2nd Assistant
movie 1930 Old Vamps for New
movie 1930 Rough Idea of Love as Dancer
movie 1930 The Storm as Switchboard Operator
movie 1930 Too Hot to Handle
movie 1929 Baby Talks as Joe
movie 1929 Calling Hubby's Bluff as Party Guest
movie 1929 Chaperons as Mike
movie 1929 Early to Wed as Mike
movie 1929 Finishing School as Mike
movie 1929 Good Skates as Mike
movie 1929 Hold Your Horses as Mike
movie 1929 Just the Type as Mike
movie 1929 She's a Pippin as Mike
movie 1929 Take Your Pick as Mike
movie 1929 The Newlyweds' Pests as Mr. Newlywed
movie 1929 The Rodeo as Motorist
movie 1929 This Way Please as Mike
movie 1928 A Taxi Scandal as Flirt in Park
movie 1928 And Morning Came as Mike
movie 1928 Better Behave as Officer McNutt
movie 1928 Broke Out as Mike
movie 1928 Cash Customers as Mike
movie 1928 Fish Stories as Mike
movie 1928 Husbands Won't Tell as Mike
movie 1928 Just Wait as Mike
movie 1928 Love at First Flight as Jimmy Hawks
movie 1928 Rudolph's Revenge as Janitor
movie 1928 Run, Girl, Run as First Griddle Man
movie 1928 Shooting the Bull as Mike
movie 1928 The Best Man as Man on the Street
movie 1928 The Campus Vamp as Student
movie 1928 The Girl from Nowhere as Minor Role
movie 1928 The Swim Princess as Young Man at Poolside
movie 1928 Whose Wife? as Mike
movie 1928 Women Chasers as Mike
movie 1927 A Small Town Princess as Cameraman
movie 1927 Broke in China as Ruth's Sweetheart
movie 1927 Naughty Nanette as Bill Simmons
movie 1927 Peaches and Plumbers as Minor Role
movie 1927 Should Sleepwalkers Marry? as Man at Auto Camp
movie 1927 The Girl from Everywhere as Mr. Filbert - Actor
movie 1927 The Jolly Jilter as Officer
movie 1927 The Kid Brother as Townsman
movie 1926 A Harem Knight as Gendarme
movie 1926 A Love Sundae as Alice's Father
movie 1926 A Prodigal Bridegroom as Minor Role
movie 1926 Alice Be Good as Mr. Green - Alice's Father
movie 1926 Circus Today as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1926 Fangs of Vengeance as Guy Bolton
movie 1926 Gooseland as Jack Parker
movie 1926 Her Actor Friend as Abner Bundy
movie 1926 Hesitating Horses as Mr. Garrison
movie 1926 Hot Cakes for Two as Royal Porter - Film Star
movie 1926 Puppy Lovetime as Mr. Green - Alice's Father
movie 1926 Saturday Afternoon as Cop
movie 1926 Smith's Baby as Moviegoer
movie 1926 Smith's Landlord as Mr. Crabtree - the Landlord
movie 1926 Smith's Vacation as Train Pest
movie 1926 Spanking Breezes as Alice's Brother
movie 1926 The Funnymooners as Minor Role
movie 1926 The Ghost of Folly as Josiah Wilkins - Ted's Uncle
movie 1926 The Perils of Petersboro as Snodgrass Knight
movie 1926 Trimmed in Gold as Sheriff
movie 1926 Whispering Whiskers as Minor Role
movie 1925 A Sweet Pickle as Minor Role
movie 1925 Bashful Jim as Jack Filbert - Actor in Film
movie 1925 Butter Fingers as Baseball Player
movie 1925 Dangerous Curves Behind as Bob Jones
movie 1925 Giddap! as Polo Club Member
movie 1925 Good Morning, Madam! as Book Customer
movie 1925 Love and Kisses as Wedding Guest
movie 1925 Sneezing Beezers as Cop
movie 1925 Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies as Party Guest
movie 1925 The Beloved Bozo as Man Who Lost His Watch
movie 1925 The Iron Nag as The Race Starter
movie 1925 The Soapsuds Lady as Minor Role
movie 1925 Water Wagons as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1924 Black Oxfords as Prison Guard
movie 1924 Bull and Sand as Bearded Soldier
movie 1924 Flickering Youth as Dummy in Barber Shop
movie 1924 Picking Peaches as Beauty Contest Spectator
movie 1924 Romeo and Juliet as Two-Role Actor
movie 1924 Scarem Much as Suitor
movie 1924 Shanghaied Lovers as The First Mate
movie 1924 The Half-Back of Notre Dame as Minor Role
movie 1924 The Hollywood Kid as Comic in Sennett's Office
movie 1924 Wall Street Blues as The Cop
movie 1924 Yukon Jake as Jake's Henchman

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"Live and let die" original trailer. The first Bond picture with Roger Moore, in 1973.

Film: Shout at the Devil (1976) with Lee Marvin, Roger Moore, Barbara Parkins, Reinhard Kolldehoff Directed by Peter Hunt.