Rollin S. Sturgeon

Rollin S. Sturgeon Filmography

movie 1924 Daughters of Today
movie 1923 West of the Water Tower
movie 1922 North of the Rio Grande
movie 1921 All Dolled Up
movie 1921 Danger Ahead
movie 1921 The Mad Marriage
movie 1920 In Folly's Trail
movie 1920 Risky Business
movie 1920 The Breath of the Gods
movie 1920 The Gilded Dream
movie 1920 The Girl in the Rain
movie 1919 Destiny
movie 1919 Pretty Smooth
movie 1919 The Sundown Trail
movie 1918 A Petticoat Pilot
movie 1918 Hugon, the Mighty
movie 1918 The Shuttle
movie 1918 Unclaimed Goods
movie 1917 Betty and the Buccaneers
movie 1917 Edged Tools
movie 1917 The American Consul
movie 1917 The Calendar Girl
movie 1917 The Mystery of Lake Lethe
movie 1917 The Rainbow Girl
movie 1917 The Upper Crust
movie 1917 Whose Wife?
movie 1916 Bill Peter's Kid
movie 1916 Bitter Sweet
movie 1916 God's Country and the Woman
movie 1916 Through the Wall
movie 1915 A Child of the North
movie 1915 Love and Law
movie 1915 The Chalice of Courage
movie 1915 The Lorelei Madonna
movie 1915 The Woman's Share
movie 1914 Only a Sister
movie 1914 Tony, the Greaser
movie 1914 Captain Alvarez
movie 1914 Silent Trails
movie 1914 The Little Angel of Canyon Creek
movie 1914 The Sage-Brush Gal
movie 1914 The Sea Gull
movie 1914 Their Interest in Common
movie 1913 The Ballyhoo's Story
movie 1913 The Transition
movie 1913 A Bit of Blue Ribbon
movie 1913 A Corner in Crooks
movie 1913 A Matter of Matrimony
movie 1913 According to Advice
movie 1913 After the Honeymoon
movie 1913 At the Sign of the Lost Angel
movie 1913 Bedelia Becomes a Lady
movie 1913 Big Bob Waits
movie 1913 Cinders
movie 1913 Polly at the Ranch
movie 1913 The Angel of the Desert
movie 1913 The Courage of the Commonplace
movie 1913 The Deceivers
movie 1913 The Joke on Howling Wolf
movie 1913 The Power That Rules
movie 1913 The Sea Maiden
movie 1913 The Smoke from Lone Bill's Cabin
movie 1913 The Spell
movie 1913 The Two Brothers
movie 1913 The Whispered Word
movie 1913 The Winning Hand
movie 1913 The Wrong Pair
movie 1913 What God Hath Joined Together
movie 1913 When the Desert Was Kind
movie 1912 Bill Wilson's Gal
movie 1912 A Wasted Sacrifice
movie 1912 After Many Years
movie 1912 At the End of the Trail
movie 1912 Her Brother
movie 1912 How States Are Made
movie 1912 Justice of the Desert
movie 1912 Natoosa
movie 1912 Omens of the Mesa
movie 1912 Out of the Shadows
movie 1912 Sheriff Jim's Last Shot
movie 1912 The Ancient Bow
movie 1912 The Better Man
movie 1912 The Craven
movie 1912 The Greater Love
movie 1912 The Hat
movie 1912 The Heart of a Man
movie 1912 The Prayers of Manuelo
movie 1912 The Price of Big Bob's Silence
movie 1912 The Redemption of Ben Farland
movie 1912 The Redemption of Red Rube
movie 1912 The Road to Yesterday; or, Memories of Patio Days
movie 1912 The Spirit of the Range
movie 1912 The Triumph of Right
movie 1912 The Troubled Trail
movie 1912 Timid May
movie 1912 Too Much Wooing of Handsome Dan
movie 1912 When California Was Young
movie 1911 A Little Lad in Dixie
movie 1911 A Western Heroine
movie 1911 Her Cowboy Lover
movie 1911 The Black Chasm
movie 1911 The Half-Breed's Daughter
movie 1911 The Trapper's Daughter
movie 1910 Uncle Tom's Cabin

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