Romaine Fielding

Romaine Fielding (May 22, 1868 ? December 15, 1927), was an American actor, screenwriter and film director. ... more on Wikipedia

Romaine Fielding Filmography

movie 1928 The Noose as Judge
movie 1928 The Shepherd of the Hills as Old Matt
movie 1927 Gun Gospel as Richard Carrol
movie 1927 Rose of the Golden West as Secretary
movie 1927 Ten Modern Commandments as Zeno
movie 1921 The Man Worthwhile as Don Ward
movie 1921 The Rich Slave as Whitney Gage
movie 1920 A Woman's Man as Larry Moore
movie 1917 For the Freedom of the World as Ralph Perry
movie 1917 Moral Courage
movie 1917 The Crimson Dove
movie 1917 Youth
movie 1916 Hang on Cowboy
movie 1916 The Desert Rat
movie 1915 A Desert Honeymoon as Jack - the Man from the East
movie 1915 A Species of Mexican Man as The Mexican Man
movie 1915 A Western Governor's Humanity as White-Mask
movie 1915 From Champion to Tramp as Shirley Christy - the Tramp
movie 1915 Mr. Carlson of Arizona as Mr. Carlson of Arizona
movie 1915 The Eagle's Nest as Robert Blasedon
movie 1915 The Great Lone Land as Neal Cameron
movie 1915 The Valley of Lost Hope as John Royce
movie 1915 When Souls Are Tried as Jerry Long
movie 1915 A Romance of Mexico
movie 1915 A Tragedy of the Hills
movie 1915 Advertising Did It
movie 1915 Green Backs and Red Skins
movie 1915 Teasing a Tornado
movie 1915 The Trapper's Revenge
movie 1914 All for Love as Shirtless Holmes
movie 1914 Battle of Gettysgoat as Colonel Furioso
movie 1914 Love and Flames
movie 1914 On Circus Day
movie 1914 The Belle of Breweryville
movie 1914 The Circle's End as Tom Gaynor
movie 1914 The Crooks as Red Eyed Zeke - the Detective
movie 1914 The Dreamer as The Dreamer
movie 1914 The Fighting Blood as Captain Little
movie 1914 The Kid's Nap
movie 1914 The Laziest Man as The Farmer
movie 1914 The Man from the West as The Man from the West
movie 1914 A Cowboy Pastime
movie 1914 The German Band
movie 1913 A Dash for Liberty as John Field - the Head Bookkeeper
movie 1913 A Girl Spy in Mexico as Colonel Ferro
movie 1913 A Leader of Men as Secondary Character
movie 1913 An Adventure on the Mexican Border as The Mexican Captain
movie 1913 Courageous Blood as Romanzo Fernandez
movie 1913 Good for Evil as John Field
movie 1913 Hiawanda's Cross as The Missionary
movie 1913 His Blind Power
movie 1913 In the Land of the Cactus as Ramon
movie 1913 Life, Love and Liberty as Gov. Manuel Querto
movie 1913 Mexican War Pictures
movie 1913 Out of the Beast a Man Was Born as Joe
movie 1913 Pedro's Treachery as Ned Fields
movie 1913 The Accusing Hand as Jack Sueder
movie 1913 The Clod as Pedro Mendez - the Clod
movie 1913 The Counterfeiter's Fate
movie 1913 The Evil Eye as Señor Don Alma Bendadoso
movie 1913 The Gentleman from New Mexico
movie 1913 The Golden God
movie 1913 The Harmless One as Henry Saxe - the Harmless One
movie 1913 The Higher Law as The Judge
movie 1913 The Penalty of Jealousy as Ramon
movie 1913 The Rattlesnake as Tony
movie 1913 The Toll of Fear as Dick McKnight
movie 1913 The Unknown as Julio
movie 1913 The Weaker Mind as Bracey Curtis - the Engineer
movie 1913 When Mountain and Valley Meet as The Valley Man
movie 1913 Who Is the Savage? as Mr. Van Vechten
movie 1913 Riot at Smelter
movie 1913 Temporal Death
movie 1913 The Fatal Scar
movie 1913 The Mountaineer
movie 1913 The Reformed Outlaw
movie 1913 The Sheepherder
movie 1912 A Mexican Courtship as Juan
movie 1912 A Noble Enemy as Lt. Ward
movie 1912 A Romance of the Border as Capt. Field
movie 1912 A Soldier's Furlough as Tom - Robert's Brother
movie 1912 A Son's Devotion as Juan - the Son
movie 1912 A Western Courtship as Bill Reynolds
movie 1912 An Indian's Gratitude as Ralph Mason
movie 1912 Chief White Eagle as Chief White Eagle
movie 1912 His Western Way as The Cowboy
movie 1912 The Blind Cattle King as Don Remero
movie 1912 The Cringer as The Sheepherder aka The Cringer
movie 1912 The Detective's Conscience as Rod Carter - Moonshiner
movie 1912 The Family Next Door as Bob Ford
movie 1912 The Forest Ranger as Jim Black
movie 1912 The Halfbreed's Treachery as The Halfbreed
movie 1912 The Impostor as George West
movie 1912 The Ingrate as Mr. Morris - a Banker
movie 1912 The Power of Silence as Thomas Lowry - Ranch Owner aka The Silent One
movie 1912 The Ranger's Reward as Ranger Romaine
movie 1912 The Revolutionist as Dr. Russo
movie 1912 The Salted Mine as The Ranch Foreman
movie 1912 The Sand Storm as Joe Brooks
movie 1912 The Talker as The Cringer
movie 1912 The Uprising as The Father
movie 1912 Through the Drifts as John Holmes - the Mail Carrier
movie 1912 The Way of the Mountains
movie 1911 A Romance of the 60's as Abraham Lincoln
movie 1911 Love's Victory as Richard Hastings
movie 1911 The Mexican as Señor Lopez - the Mexican
movie 1911 The Ranchman's Daughter
movie 1911 The Senorita's Conquest as Juan
movie 1911 The Soldier's Return
movie 1911 The Teamster as Jim Logan - the Teamster
movie 1911 Western Chivalry as Henry Slocum