Ron Karabatsos

Ron Karabatsos Filmography

video movie 2007 Prince of the City: The Real Story as Dave DeBennedeto
movie 2004 Surviving Christmas as Deli Man
video movie 2003 Setting the Bar: A Conversation with Ted Danson as Ed Kellner
movie 2000 The Crew as Fat Pauly
movie 1996 Baby Face Nelson as Big Frankie
movie 1995 Get Shorty as Momo
video movie 1993 Jailbait as Kelso
movie 1993 We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
movie 1991 29th Street as Philly the Nap
tv movie 1991 Dead in the Water as Mike Welch
movie 1991 Rich Girl as Rocco
movie 1991 Where Sleeping Dogs Lie as Stan Reeb
tv movie 1990 Hammer, Slammer, & Slade
movie 1990 Hollywood Heartbreak as L.R. Sharkey
movie 1990 My Blue Heaven as Ritchie
tv series 1990 The Rock as Lou
tv movie 1989 Trenchcoat in Paradise as Arky
movie 1989 Wedding Band as Bruno Kavoles
tv movie 1987 Blood Vows: The Story of a Mafia Wife as Aldo
movie 1987 Cold Steel as Fishman
tv movie 1987 Private Eye as Rollo Augustine
tv movie 1985 Brotherly Love as Anthony Scarnato
tv movie 1985 Joanna as Elvis Valentine
movie 1984 The Cotton Club as Mike Best
tv movie 1983 Blood Feud as Tony Buono
movie 1983 Flashdance as Jake Mawby
tv movie 1983 Legs as Mr. Rizzo
tv movie 1983 Missing Pieces as Claude Papazian
tv movie 1982 Hear No Evil as Lt. Lew Healy
movie 1981 Prince of the City as Dave DeBennedeto

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Comedia / Un hombre gana 6,2 millones de dólares en la lotería del Estados de Nueva York. Pero, para sorpresa de todos, se siente mal y lanza bolas de nieve ...

Official video content provided by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment or one of it's authorized agents. More clips, photos, and news: Fol... Título original: 29th Street Año:1991 Duración: 105 min. País: Estados Unidos Director: George Gallo Guión: George Gallo (Historia: ...

Chanteuse/Singer: Irene Cara, extraite de la bande originale du film Flashdance, écrite par Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey et Irene Cara - Extracted from th...