Ronald Squire

Ronald Squire Filmography

movie 1959 Count Your Blessings as Sir Conrad Allingham
movie 1958 Law and Disorder as Colonel Masters
movie 1958 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness as Sir Francis Jamison
movie 1958 The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw as Toynbee - Uncle Lucius' Solicitor
movie 1957 Island in the Sun as Governor Templeton
movie 1957 Sea Wife as Clubman
movie 1956 Around the World in Eighty Days as Reform Club Member
movie 1956 Now and Forever as Waiter
movie 1956 The Silken Affair as Marberry
movie 1955 Footsteps in the Fog as Alfred Travers
movie 1955 Josephine and Men as Frederick Luton
movie 1955 Raising a Riot as Grampy
movie 1955 The Man Who Loved Redheads as Wilberforce
movie 1954 The Million Pound Note as Oliver Montpelier
movie 1953 Always a Bride as Victor Hemsley
movie 1953 Laxdale Hall as General Matheson
movie 1952 It Started in Paradise as Mary Jane
movie 1952 My Cousin Rachel as Nicholas 'Nick' Kendall
movie 1951 Encore as Doctor
movie 1951 No Highway as Sir John, Director
movie 1949 The Rocking Horse Winner as Oscar Cresswell
tv movie 1948 Blithe Spirit as Doctor Bradman
movie 1948 The First Gentleman as Mr. Brougham
movie 1948 Woman Hater as Jameson
movie 1947 While the Sun Shines as Duke of Ayr and Sterling
movie 1945 Journey Together as Group Captain on Aircrew Interview Board
movie 1944 Don't Take It to Heart as Music Lover at Ball
movie 1943 The Flemish Farm as Hardwicke
movie 1941 Freedom Radio as Rudolf Spiedler
movie 1937 Action for Slander as Charles Cinderford
movie 1936 Dusty Ermine as Jim Kent
movie 1936 Love in Exile as Paul
movie 1935 Come Out of the Pantry as Eccles
movie 1934 Forbidden Territory as Sir Charles Farringdon
movie 1934 Unfinished Symphony as Count Esterhazy
movie 1934 Wild Boy as Rollo
movie 1916 Whoso Is Without Sin as Roger Markham

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