Roni Jonah

Roni Jonah (born July 16, 1983) is a Canadian professional wrestler and actress. She has worked for both Ohio Valley Wrestling and Women's Extreme Wrestling. ... more on Wikipedia

Roni Jonah Filmography

movie 2014 Back in the Day as Hot Stripper
movie 2014 Don't Wait Til Dawn as Rachael
movie 2014 Kill, Granny, Kill! as Marcy
movie 2014 Sasquatch vs. Yeti as Lillian
movie 2014 The Old Winter
video movie 2013 Easter Casket as Sister Mary Joan
movie 2013 Roshambo as Glorious Vangella
movie 2013 Temporally Yours: Or Paradox Lost as Undead Rainbow Brite
movie 2013 The Hospital as Hooker
movie 2013 The Zombie Movie as Roni Jonah
movie 2012 Nightmare Fuel as Liz
movie 2011 Breakfast Impossible: Series One as Starla Roxx
video movie 2011 Deadly Dares: Truth or Dare Part IV as Amy Curtis
movie 2011 Overtime as Y-Box Fanatic
movie 2011 Paradise as Aiana
movie 2011 Saucer Sex Peep Show as Queen Penelope
movie 2011 Swordbearer as Djemo
video movie 2010 Flying Saucer Sexodus as Anima
movie 2010 Major Power and the Robot from Saturn as Depressia
movie 2010 Monster Zappers as Vanessa
movie 2010 Queen of the Cursed World as Stoner Party Chick
movie 2010 Steampunk as Betty
movie 2010 The Last Temptation of Fluffy as Pam
movie 2010 Tomato Man as Ann
movie 2010 Trouser Snake as Sally
video movie 2010 Ultimate Death Match 2 as Herself
movie 2010 Zombie Hombre as Zombie Queen
tv series 2010 Astro Space Hero as The Green Witch
tv series 2010 Wrestlicious Takedown as Draculetta
movie 2009 Hell House as Betty
movie 2009 Perkins' 14 as Herself
movie 2009 Saucer Sex from Beyond as Anima
movie 2009 The Legacy as Betty
video movie 2009 Trepan as Avri
movie 2008 Hell-ephone as Undercover Vice Cop
movie 2008 The Little Sex Shop of Horrors as Vampire
video movie 2002 OVW: Wrestling's Future Stars as 'Rockstar' Roni Jonah

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"The filming of Dead Moon Rising 2 comes to an abrupt halt when an actual zombie outbreak occurs. Will our film action heroes lead us to victory or will our ...

A group of stoners engage in the age old medical practice of Trepanation, to give themselves a "permanent high". The results are less than satisfactory. A surreal sci fi horror film with Roni Jonah, Jason Crowe, Billy Blackwell, Eric Butts, and ...