Rosa Gore

Rosa Gore Filmography

movie 1935 Vagabond Lady as Woman Given Opera Ticket
movie 1934 Shrimps for a Day as Mrs. Crutch
movie 1934 The Cat's-Paw as Boarder
movie 1931 Fighting Caravans as Pioneer Woman
movie 1931 The Hard Hombre as Wife In Shack
movie 1930 The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case as Old Relative
movie 1929 Blue Skies as Nellie Crouch
movie 1928 A Trick of Hearts
movie 1928 Anybody Here Seen Kelly? as French Mother
movie 1928 That's My Daddy as Mrs. Hawkes
movie 1928 The Head Man as Twin
movie 1927 A Finished Actor
movie 1927 Play Safe
movie 1927 Stranded as Landlady
movie 1927 The Man from Hard Pan as Sarah Lackey
movie 1927 The Prairie King as Aunt Hattie
movie 1927 The Royal American as Mother Meg
movie 1926 Lovey Mary as Miss Eichorn
movie 1926 The Adorable Deceiver as Mrs. Schrapp
movie 1926 Till We Eat Again as The Landlady
movie 1925 Good Spirits
movie 1925 Seven Chances as Prospective Bride in Church
movie 1925 Seven Days as Aunt Selina
movie 1925 The Million Dollar Handicap as Marilda Porter
movie 1925 Three Weeks in Paris as Mrs. Brown
movie 1924 Half-a-Dollar Bill
movie 1924 Hold Your Breath as Customer
movie 1924 Madonna of the Streets as Mrs. Elyard
movie 1923 Fool Proof
movie 1923 The Town Scandal as Effie Strong
movie 1923 Vanity Fair as Jemima Pinkerton
movie 1922 A Dangerous Game as Aunt Constance
movie 1922 The Sawmill
movie 1921 Colorado as Salla Morgan
movie 1921 Nearly Spliced
movie 1921 The Mistress of Shenstone as Amelia Murgatroyd
movie 1921 The Nuisance as A widow
movie 1920 Caught in the End
movie 1920 His Jonah Day as Her maiden aunt
movie 1920 La La Lucille as Mrs. Brady
movie 1920 Once to Every Woman as Mrs. Chichester Jones
movie 1920 Pink Tights as Mrs. Shamfeller
movie 1919 His Home Sweet Home as The Mother-in-Law
movie 1919 Hustling for Health
movie 1919 Lions and Ladies
movie 1918 The King of the Kitchen as Owner of the house
movie 1916 The Final Curtain as The Marvelous Sylvesters
movie 1915 A Busybody's Busy Day
movie 1915 Cruel and Unusual
movie 1915 Going Up
movie 1915 Keep Moving as Dippy Mary
movie 1914 Officer Kate as Suffragette
movie 1914 Second Sight as The Cook
movie 1913 An Itinerant Wedding as The Widow Woods
movie 1913 Fickle Fortune's Favor
movie 1913 Get-Rich-Quick Billington as Aunt Nancy
movie 1913 Going Some
movie 1913 Maggie Tries Society Life
movie 1913 Puttin' It Over on Papa as Mama Sinclair
movie 1913 The Cook's Revenge as Bridget O'Hoolihan