Rosa Isela Frausto

Rosa Isela Frausto Filmography

movie 2015 Eyes Upon Waking as Maria
movie 2014 Je t'aime, au revoir as Jacklin
movie 2012 Kidnapped Souls as Lulu
movie 2011 Bled White as Kyra Zombie
movie 2011 Confessions as Natalie
tv movie 2011 Coyotes as Rosario
movie 2011 Doctor Spine as Rosa
movie 2011 The EyE of Genie Strauss as Emo Girl
movie 2010 Fallen Souls as Female at bar 1
movie 2010 Paranormal Calamity as Sophie
movie 2010 Road Kill as Rebecca
movie 2009 Blind Date as Couple
movie 2009 Fresh Cut as Manny
movie 2009 Pop(Guys): Protecting the Disability Community as Patricia
movie 2009 Satanic Panic as Girl in backseat
movie 2009 Silent Shame as Nurse - Hospice
movie 2009 Zombie Farm as Abused woman 3
movie 2008 Baggage as Party Guest
movie 2007 El día de los muertos as Ana Lucia
movie 2007 Get Pony Boy as Nilda
movie 2006 Buscando a Leti as Ms. Gonzalez
movie 2005 La migra as Maria
movie 2004 Once Upon a Time in the Hood as Cashier
video movie 2002 Drive by as Nacha

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Kidnapped Souls Trailer 2014 Director: Juan Frausto Starring: Noel Gugliemi, Jose Yenque, Neil Brown Jr., Delilah Cotto, Rosa Isela Frausto, Monica Engesser .

Director: Ricardo Islas Stars: Adriana Catano, Rosa Isela Frausto, Karla Garcia Desperate to end her husband's domestic abuse, a young woman finds a special ...

PARANORMAL CALAMITY with Michael Wexler, Larry Thomas,Charlene Tilton , Jen Schmidt, James Vallo, Rosa Isela Frausto, Cyn Dulay, Colleen Miller and ...