Rosemary Theby

Rosemary Theby (8 April 1892 ? 10 November 1973), was an American film actor. She appeared in some 250 films between 1911 and 1940. ... more on Wikipedia

Rosemary Theby Filmography

movie 1940 One Million B.C. as Shell Person
movie 1939 Undercover Doctor as Guest
movie 1938 You Can't Take It with You as Woman
movie 1937 Make Way for Tomorrow as Minor Role
movie 1937 Rich Relations
movie 1937 The Devil Is Driving as Bit Part
movie 1937 Vogues of 1938 as Wife
movie 1936 His Brother's Wife
movie 1936 Hollywood Boulevard as Undetermined Minor Role
movie 1936 Neighborhood House as Undetermined Role
movie 1936 One Rainy Afternoon as Bit Role
movie 1936 Our Relations as Extra in Pirate's Club
movie 1936 San Francisco as Earthquake Extra
movie 1936 Yours for the Asking as Woman
movie 1935 Man on the Flying Trapeze as Helpful Passerby
movie 1935 The Drunkard as Mrs. Jackson
movie 1935 Wings in the Dark as Rockwell's Secretary
movie 1933 The Fatal Glass of Beer as Mrs. Snavely
movie 1932 Doctor's Orders
movie 1931 Taxi Troubles as Mrs. Andy Martin
movie 1931 Ten Nights in a Barroom as Sarah Morgan
movie 1931 Who's Who in the Zoo as Mother
movie 1930 Bulls and Bears as Eleanor Crenshaw
movie 1930 He Trumped Her Ace as Mrs. Daly
movie 1930 Midnight Daddies as Mrs. Wilbur Louder
movie 1930 Scotch as Aunt Rose
movie 1930 Sugar Plum Papa as Princess Olga
movie 1929 Girls Who Dare as 'Alabam' Kenyon
movie 1929 Montmartre Rose
movie 1929 The Dream Melody as Alicia Harrison
movie 1929 The Peacock Fan as Mrs. Rossmore
movie 1929 Trial Marriage as Mrs. Geoorge Bannister, 4th
movie 1928 A Woman Against the World as Housekeeper
movie 1928 The Chinatown Mystery
movie 1928 The Port of Missing Girls as School Matron
movie 1927 A Bowery Cinderella as Mrs. Chandler
movie 1927 Riding to Fame as Marge
movie 1927 The Second 100 Years as Dinner Guest
movie 1926 The Truthful Sex as Jennie
movie 1925 As Man Desires as Evelyn Beaudine
movie 1925 Fifth Avenue Models as Mrs. Van Groot
movie 1925 One Year to Live as Lolette
movie 1925 The Re-Creation of Brian Kent as Mrs. Kent
movie 1925 Wreckage as Margot
movie 1924 A Son of the Sahara as Rayma
movie 1924 Behold This Woman as Calavera
movie 1924 Love
movie 1924 Pagan Passions as Dreka Langley
movie 1924 Red Lily as Nana
movie 1924 Secrets of the Night as Margaret Knowles
movie 1924 So Big as Paula Storm
movie 1923 In Search of a Thrill as Jeanne
movie 1923 Long Live the King as Countess Olga
movie 1923 Lost and Found on a South Sea Island as Madge
movie 1923 Mary of the Movies as Rosemary Theby
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 2 as Herself
movie 1923 Slander the Woman as Madame Redoux
movie 1923 Tea: With a Kick! as Aunt Pearl
movie 1923 The Eagle's Feather as Mrs. Trent
movie 1923 The Girl of the Golden West as Nina Micheltorena
movie 1923 The Rip-Tide as Countess Dagmar
movie 1923 Your Friend and Mine as Mrs. Beatrice Mason
movie 1922 I Am the Law as Mrs. Georges Mordeaux
movie 1922 More to Be Pitied Than Scorned as Josephine Clifford
movie 1922 Rich Men's Wives as Mrs. Lindley-Blair
movie 1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 16 as Herself
movie 1922 The Eternal Flame as Madame de Serizy
movie 1922 Yellow Men and Gold as Carmen
movie 1921 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court as Queen Morgan le Fay
movie 1921 Across the Divide as Rosa
movie 1921 Fightin' Mad as Nita de Garma
movie 1921 Good Women as Katherine Brinkley
movie 1921 Hickville to Broadway as Sibyle Fane
movie 1921 Partners of Fate as Frances Lloyd
movie 1921 Shame as The Weaver of Dreams
movie 1921 The Last Trail as Chiquita
movie 1920 A Splendid Hazard as Hedda Gobert
movie 1920 Dice of Destiny as Agnes
movie 1920 Kismet as Kut-al-Kulub
movie 1920 Married to Order as Rose
movie 1920 Rio Grande as Maria Inez
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 1 as Herself
movie 1920 Terror Island as Stella Mourdant
movie 1920 The Butterfly Man as Mrs. Fielding
movie 1920 The Little Grey Mouse as Hedda Kossiter
movie 1920 Unseen Forces as Winifred
movie 1920 Whispering Devils as Audrey Lesden
movie 1919 Are You Legally Married? as June Redding
movie 1919 Faith as Charity Garvice
movie 1919 Heartsease as Lady Neville
movie 1919 Peggy Does Her Darndest as Eleanor Ensloe
movie 1919 Tangled Threads as Rita Kosloff
movie 1919 The Amateur Adventuress as Flossie
movie 1919 The Hushed Hour as Daisy Appleton
movie 1919 The Mystery of 13 as Marian Green
movie 1919 The Spender as Adventuress
movie 1919 Upstairs and Down as Betty Chesterton
movie 1919 When a Woman Strikes
movie 1919 Yvonne from Paris as Cecile
movie 1918 Boston Blackie's Little Pal as Mrs. Wilmerding
movie 1918 Bright and Early as His daughter
movie 1918 Love's Pay Day as Judith Bretans
movie 1918 The Great Love as Miss Corintee
movie 1918 The Midnight Patrol as Patsy O'Connell
movie 1918 The Rogue as The Sister
movie 1918 The Silent Mystery as Priestess Kah
movie 1918 The Straight and Narrow
movie 1918 Unexpected Places as Cherie
movie 1917 Jumping Jealousy
movie 1917 Police Protection
movie 1917 Rusticating
movie 1917 The Delicatessen Mystery
movie 1917 The Hash House Mystery
movie 1917 The Winged Mystery as Shirley Wayne
movie 1916 A Grain of Suspicion
movie 1916 A Persistent Wooing
movie 1916 A Spring Cleaning
movie 1916 A Strenuous Visit
movie 1916 Artistic Atmosphere
movie 1916 Baby's Toofs
movie 1916 Charity Begins at Home
movie 1916 Gertie's Garters
movie 1916 Her Financial Frenzy
movie 1916 High Fliers as Miss High Life
movie 1916 His Wedding Promise
movie 1916 Housekeeping
movie 1916 Hubby's Chicken
movie 1916 Hubby's Relatives
movie 1916 In the Night as Mrs. Warren
movie 1916 Love Spasms as Beth - Hotspur's Wife
movie 1916 Man and Morality as Rosemary Trent
movie 1916 Marked 'No Funds'
movie 1916 Object -- Matrimony
movie 1916 That Tired Business Man
movie 1916 The Connecting Bath
movie 1916 The Good Stenographer
movie 1916 The Latest in Vampires
movie 1916 The Lathered Truth
movie 1916 The Lemon in the Garden of Love
movie 1916 The Model Husband
movie 1916 The Pipe Dream as Mrs. Hopeful
movie 1916 The Tormented Husband
movie 1916 Their Dream House
movie 1916 Their Installment Furniture
movie 1916 They Practice Economy
movie 1916 Will a Woman Tell?
movie 1915 A Romance of the Backwoods as Rosemary
movie 1915 Baby
movie 1915 Father's Child as Ma-Ma
movie 1915 Father's Money
movie 1915 Fathers Three as Rosemary
movie 1915 He Was Only a Bathing Suit Salesman as The Salesman's Wife
movie 1915 Men at Their Best
movie 1915 Mumps as Helen Wright
movie 1915 My Tomboy Girl as Rose
movie 1915 Playing with Fire as Marja - a Gypsy
movie 1915 Saved by a Dream as Cora du Ford
movie 1915 The Artist and the Vengeful One as Helen Adams
movie 1915 The Cards Never Lie as Rosemary
movie 1915 The Cheval Mystery as Nana
movie 1915 The Danger Line as Sue Burman
movie 1915 The Earl of Pawtucket as Harriet Putnam
movie 1915 The Hard Road as Myra
movie 1915 The House of a Thousand Relations as Rose
movie 1915 The Man of Shame as Julia
movie 1915 The Prize Story as Martha Turner
movie 1915 We Should Worry for Auntie
movie 1914 A Question of Right as Louise Gray
movie 1914 Cocaine Traffic; Or, The Drug Terror
movie 1914 His Wife as Anna Talfourd - the Stenographer
movie 1914 Love Triumphs as Nurse Dora Armstrong
movie 1914 Madam Coquette as Ethel Roberts aka Madam Coquette - the Wife
movie 1914 The Accusation as Cora Lund
movie 1914 The Attorney's Decision as Alice West
movie 1914 The Bride of Marblehead as Nancy
movie 1914 The Comedienne's Strategy as Hazel Kirkham
movie 1914 The Double Life as Cora - the Mother
movie 1914 The Hopeless Game as Mabel Border
movie 1914 The Little Gray Home as Anne
movie 1914 The Lure of the Pit as Edith Strong
movie 1914 The Moth as Jennie Davidson - the Moth
movie 1914 The Pale of Prejudice as Violet Hope - the Governor's Daughter
movie 1914 The Price of a Ruby as Amy Lester
movie 1914 The Rock of Hope as Alice
movie 1914 Through the Centuries
movie 1914 Thumb Prints and Diamonds as Helen Storm
movie 1913 A Fighting Chance as Mrs. Robert Wynn
movie 1913 A Husband's Trick as Beatrice Penfield - Penfield's Sister
movie 1913 A Modern Psyche as Nell Bradley
movie 1913 Ashes as Carmencita the Dancer
movie 1913 Better Days as Mrs. Gordon
movie 1913 Betty's Baby as Betty
movie 1913 Cupid Through a Keyhole as Lila Lane - Harry's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Hearts as Nora Hampton
movie 1913 Her Rosary as The Girl
movie 1913 His Silver Bachelorhood
movie 1913 Maria Roma as Maria Roma - the Diva
movie 1913 Off the Road as Estelle Farrar, His Daughter
movie 1913 One Can't Always Tell as 2nd Bardell Sister
movie 1913 Out of the Storm as Mrs. Harrison, a Rich Widow
movie 1913 Rosita's Cross of Gold as Rosita
movie 1913 Targets of Fate as Mrs. Hugh Mortimer
movie 1913 The Adventure of the Ambassador's Disappearance as The Nurse
movie 1913 The Bachelor's Baby, or How It All Happened as Ethel Wynne
movie 1913 The Classmate's Frolic as Classmate
movie 1913 The Counsel for the Defense as Eloise Grizell
movie 1913 The Fight for Right as Mary Durland
movie 1913 The Glow Worm as Th Glow Worm
movie 1913 The Heart of a Rose as Editha
movie 1913 The Little Minister
movie 1913 The Master Painter as Eleanor - Marshall's Niece
movie 1913 The Missing Ring as Alice Williams
movie 1913 The Power of the Sea as Jessie Gilmore
movie 1913 The Silly Sex as Elaine Davis
movie 1913 The Silver Cigarette Case as An Opera Singer
movie 1913 The Stolen Woman as Frances Huyden
movie 1913 The Tangled Web as Leone St. Regis
movie 1913 The Wager as Mary - as an Adult
movie 1913 The Weapon as Dorothy, Grey's Niece
movie 1913 The Web as Beatrice Esmond
movie 1912 A Fortune in a Teacup as Sybil
movie 1912 A Juvenile Love Affair as Jane's Mother
movie 1912 A Red Cross Martyr; or, On the Firing Lines of Tripoli
movie 1912 An Eventful Elopement as Mabel Wright - Daughter of Pronubial Couple
movie 1912 As You Like It as Celia
movie 1912 Father's Hot Toddy as Second Daughter
movie 1912 His Father's Son as Dick's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Irene's Infatuation as Helen - Irene's Friend
movie 1912 Love in the Ghetto as Rebecca Barish - the Daughter
movie 1912 Mr. Bolter's Infatuation
movie 1912 Rock of Ages
movie 1912 The Awakening of Bianca
movie 1912 The Godmother as Third Girl
movie 1912 The Hand Bag as Tom's Sweetheart
movie 1912 The Illumination as Ruth, Giuseppe's Fiancé
movie 1912 The Light of St. Bernard as Marie
movie 1912 The Mills of the Gods as Giulia
movie 1912 The Reincarnation of Karma as Quinetrea
movie 1912 The Toymaker as Nell Avery
movie 1912 The Two Battles as Gladys Mayford
movie 1912 Wanted, a Sister
movie 1912 Written in the Sand as Norma Gyntsen
movie 1911 The Geranium
movie 1911 The Sacrifice

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