Roy Roberts

Roy Roberts (19 March 1906 - 28 May 1975) was an American character actor. Over his more than 40-year career, he appeared in more than nine hundred productions on stage and screen. ... more on Wikipedia

Roy Roberts Filmography

video movie 2011 Here's Harry: Remembering Gale Gordon as Clip from 'Here's Lucy'
movie 2009 Here's Lucy: On Location as Behind the scenes clip from 'Here's Lucy'
tv movie 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years as Actor 'Gentleman's Agreement'
movie 1975 The Strongest Man in the World as Mr. Roberts
movie 1974 Chinatown as Mayor Bagby
movie 1973 The Outfit as Sheriff Bob Caswell
movie 1971 The Million Dollar Duck as The Judge
movie 1969 Cry for Poor Wally as Doctor
movie 1969 Some Kind of a Nut as 1st Vice President
tv movie 1969 This Savage Land as Dr. Mordecai Reynolds
tv movie 1968 Now You See It, Now You Don't as Mr. Stockman
movie 1967 Hotel as Bailey
movie 1967 Tammy and the Millionaire as Gov. Alden
movie 1965 I'll Take Sweden as Ship's Captain
movie 1965 Those Calloways as E.J. Fletcher
movie 1963 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World as Policeman Outside Irwin & Ray's Garage
tv movie 1963 Maggie Brown as John Farragut
tv movie 1963 Rockabye the Infantry as General
movie 1962 Kid Galahad as Jerry Bathgate
movie 1962 The Chapman Report as Alan Roby
movie 1962 The Underwater City as Tim Graham
tv movie 1959 Disneyland '59 as Himself
movie 1956 Backlash as Maj. Carson
tv movie 1956 Massacre at Sand Creek as Col. Collery
movie 1956 The Boss as Tim Brady
movie 1956 The First Texan as Col. Sam Sherman
movie 1956 The King and Four Queens as Sheriff Tom Larrabee
movie 1956 The White Squaw as Edward Purvis, Indian Agent
movie 1956 Yaqui Drums as Matt Quigg
movie 1955 Big House, U.S.A. as Chief Ranger Will Erickson
movie 1955 I Cover the Underworld as District Attorney
movie 1955 Stranger on Horseback as Sam Kettering
movie 1955 The Eternal Sea as Review Board captain
movie 1955 The Last Command as Dr. Summerfield
tv series 1955 Gunsmoke as Harry Bodkin
movie 1954 Dawn at Socorro as Doc Jameson
movie 1954 The Outlaw Stallion as Hagen
movie 1954 They Rode West as Sgt. Creever
movie 1954 Wyoming Renegades as Sheriff McVey
movie 1953 House of Wax as Matthew Burke
movie 1953 San Antone as John Chisum
movie 1953 Sea of Lost Ships as Captain of the 'Eagle'
movie 1953 Second Chance as Charley Malloy
movie 1953 The Glory Brigade as Sgt. Chuck Anderson
movie 1953 The Lone Hand as Mr. Skaggs
movie 1953 The Man Behind the Gun as Sen. Mark Sheldon
movie 1953 Tumbleweed as Nick Buckley
movie 1952 Battles of Chief Pontiac as Maj. Gladwin
movie 1952 Cripple Creek as Marshal John Tetheroe
movie 1952 Hoodlum Empire as Police Chief Tayls
movie 1952 One Minute to Zero as Lt. Gen. George Thomas
movie 1952 Skirts Ahoy! as Capt. Graymont
movie 1952 Stars and Stripes Forever as Maj. George Porter Houston
movie 1952 The Big Trees as Judge Crenshaw
movie 1952 The Cimarron Kid as Pat Roberts
movie 1951 Fighting Coast Guard as Capt. Gibbs
movie 1951 I Was a Communist for the FBI as Father Novac
movie 1951 My Favorite Spy as Johnson - FBI Man
movie 1951 Santa Fe as Cole Sanders
movie 1951 The Enforcer as Capt. Frank Nelson
movie 1951 The Man with a Cloak as Policeman
movie 1951 The Tanks Are Coming as Major General
movie 1950 Borderline as Harvey Gumbin
movie 1950 Chain Lightning as Maj. Gen. Hewitt
movie 1950 Sierra as Sheriff Knudsen
movie 1950 Stage to Tucson as Jim Maroon
movie 1950 The Killer That Stalked New York as Mayor of New York
movie 1950 The Palomino as Ben Lane
movie 1950 The Second Face as Allan Wesson
movie 1950 Wyoming Mail as Charles De Haven
movie 1949 A Kiss for Corliss as Uncle George
movie 1949 Bodyhold as Charlie Webster
movie 1949 Calamity Jane and Sam Bass as Marshal Peak
movie 1949 Chicago Deadline as Jerry Cavanaugh
movie 1949 Chicken Every Sunday as Harry Bowers
movie 1949 Flaming Fury as Capt. S. Taplinger
movie 1949 Miss Grant Takes Richmond as Construction Foreman Roberts
movie 1949 The Reckless Moment as Nagel
movie 1948 Force of Evil as Ben Tucker
movie 1948 Fury at Furnace Creek as Al Shanks
movie 1948 He Walked by Night as Police Captain Breen
movie 1948 Joan of Arc as Wandamme
movie 1948 No Minor Vices as Mr. Felton
movie 1948 The Gay Intruders as Charles McNulty
movie 1947 Captain from Castile as Capt. Alvarado
movie 1947 Daisy Kenyon as Quint - Dan's Attorney
movie 1947 Gentleman's Agreement as Mr. Calkins
movie 1947 Nightmare Alley as McGraw - Final Carnival Owner
movie 1947 The Brasher Doubloon as Police Lt. Breeze
movie 1947 The Foxes of Harrow as Tom Warren
movie 1947 The Shocking Miss Pilgrim as Mr. Foster
movie 1946 Behind Green Lights as Max Calvert
movie 1946 Colonel Effingham's Raid as Army Capt. Rampey
movie 1946 It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog as 'Mitch' Mitchell
movie 1946 Johnny Comes Flying Home as J.P. Hartley
movie 1946 My Darling Clementine as Mayor
movie 1946 Smoky as Jeff Nix
movie 1946 Strange Triangle as Harry Matthews
movie 1945 A Bell for Adano as Col. W.W. Middleton
movie 1945 Circumstantial Evidence as Marty Hannon
movie 1945 The Caribbean Mystery as Capt. Van den Bark
movie 1945 Within These Walls as Martin 'Marty' Deutsch
movie 1944 Roger Touhy, Gangster as Frank Williams - FBI Chief
movie 1944 Tampico as Crawford
movie 1944 The Sullivans as Father Francis
movie 1944 Wilson as Ike Hoover - Chief White House Butler
movie 1943 Guadalcanal Diary as Capt. James Cross
movie 1939 Seeing Spots
movie 1936 Gold Bricks as Dick

Roy Roberts on Youtube

Hypnotist Chris Gillies and Medium Roy Roberts, are interviewed ahead of their performance at the Brookside Theatre Romford Essex, by Time FM presenter ...

From "A Bell for Adano".

Here's Roy Roberts - one of our friends from the upcoming film, Gate City Soul - talking about honing his chops as a musician in Greensboro, NC. Find out mor...