Roy Watson

Roy Watson (6 August, 1876 ? 7 June, 1937) was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 121 films between 1911 and 1935. ... more on Wikipedia

Roy Watson Filmography

movie 1935 Kentucky Blue Streak as Col. Seymour
movie 1934 Carolina as Jefferson Davis
movie 1928 Restless Youth as Undetermined Role
movie 1928 The House of Terror
movie 1927 A Wanderer of the West
movie 1927 Cactus Trails as Sheriff Upshaw
movie 1927 Speeding Hoofs as Bill Travers
movie 1926 Chasing Trouble as Judge Gregg
movie 1926 Lash of the Law
movie 1925 Luck and Sand as Sheriff
movie 1925 Win, Lose or Draw as U.S. Marshal
movie 1925 Wolf Blood as Jules Deveroux
movie 1924 The Loser's End as Capt. Harris
movie 1922 Blue Blazes as Ranch foreman
movie 1921 The Ranger and the Law as Slim Dixon
movie 1919 The Trail of the Holdup Man as Smith
movie 1918 Cupid's Roundup as Buckland
movie 1917 Between Man and Beast
movie 1917 Jerry's Best Friend
movie 1917 Jerry's Victory
movie 1917 The Sole Survivor
movie 1916 A Race Through the Air
movie 1916 Marta of the Jungles as Sid Wolfe - the Government Detective
movie 1916 One Chance in a Hundred
movie 1916 The Adventures of Kathlyn as Rajah
movie 1916 The Bridge of Danger
movie 1916 The Capture of Red Stanley
movie 1916 The Governor's Special
movie 1916 The Homesteaders as Hamilton Osborne
movie 1916 The Human Telegram
movie 1916 The Record Run
movie 1916 The Soul's Cycle as Henry Kimball
movie 1916 The Spiked Switch
movie 1916 The Trail of Danger
movie 1916 The Trapping of 'Peeler' White
movie 1916 To Save the Road
movie 1915 Roping a Bride
movie 1915 Slim Higgins
movie 1915 Stanley Among the Voodoo Worshipers as Henry M. Stanley
movie 1915 Stanley and the Slave Traders as Henry M. Stanley
movie 1915 Stanley at Starvation Camp as Henry M. Stanley
movie 1915 Stanley in Darkest Africa as Henry M. Stanley
movie 1915 Stanley's Close Call as Henry M. Stanley
movie 1915 Stanley's Search for the Hidden City as Henry M. Stanley
movie 1915 The Arab's Vengeance as Captain Vincent
movie 1915 The Grizzly Gulch Chariot Race
movie 1915 The Quality of Forgiveness as Paul West
movie 1915 The Rajah's Sacrifice as Henry M. Stanley
movie 1915 The White King of the Zaras as Henry M. Stanley
movie 1915 The Winning of Jess as Tom Gunn - Jess's Sweetheart
movie 1915 The Woman, the Lion and the Man as George Winters - Nell's Father
movie 1914 At the Risk of His Life
movie 1914 Caryl of the Mountains
movie 1914 His Guiding Spirit as John
movie 1914 His Last Appeal as Clark Gordon
movie 1914 Jimmy Hayes and Muriel as Sebastiano Saldar
movie 1914 Oh! Look Who's Here!
movie 1914 On the Minute as Jimmie Nolan - the Convict
movie 1914 Rose o' My Heart as George Armstrong
movie 1914 The Better Way
movie 1914 The Family Record as Arthur Hatch
movie 1914 The Fifth Man as Congo
movie 1914 The Hazards of Helen
movie 1914 The Livid Flame
movie 1914 The Lonesome Trail
movie 1914 The Old Letter
movie 1914 The Ranger's Romance as The Settler
movie 1914 The Sealed Package
movie 1914 The Sheriff's Reward as The Rustler
movie 1914 The Temple of the Lion as Rajah
movie 1914 The Uphill Climb as Dick Felton
movie 1914 The Way of the Redman as The Sheriff
movie 1914 Thou Shalt Not Kill
movie 1914 Two Girls as Herbert King
movie 1914 Unrest as Gregg
movie 1914 Why the Sheriff Is a Bachelor as Roy Watson
movie 1913 A Message from Home
movie 1913 Between the Rifle Sights as Ralph Gunter
movie 1913 Destiny of the Sea as John Greves - the Father
movie 1913 Granddaddy's Boy as Jim Weston
movie 1913 John Bousall of the U.S. Secret Service as Jans - the Hotel Waiter
movie 1913 Love, Life and Liberty
movie 1913 Movin' Pitchers
movie 1913 Nan of the Woods
movie 1913 Regimental Pals
movie 1913 Terrors of the Jungle as Blackmoor - the Adventurer
movie 1913 The Adventures of Kathlyn as Rajah
movie 1913 The False Friend as Henry Walker
movie 1913 The Grand Old Flag
movie 1913 The Open Door as Jim Driscoll - Yarnell's Gardener
movie 1913 The Quality of Mercy as Emma's Uncle
movie 1913 When May Weds December as Banker Black
movie 1912 A Broken Spur
movie 1912 A Crucial Test
movie 1912 A Four-Footed Hero as Pedro
movie 1912 A Mysterious Gallant as Col. Houston
movie 1912 A Reconstructed Rebel as Col. Winston
movie 1912 A Red Man's Love as Tom Alden the Trader
movie 1912 A Shot in the Dark as A Half-Breed
movie 1912 An Indian Ishmael as Bill Dixon
movie 1912 As Told by Princess Bess as The Sheriff
movie 1912 Big Rock's Last Stand as Johnson - the Trapper
movie 1912 Brains and Brawn
movie 1912 Darkfeather's Strategy as Medicine Man
movie 1912 For Love, Life and Riches as Dave Moody
movie 1912 In Exile
movie 1912 Kings of the Forest as John Vogel
movie 1912 Me an' Bill
movie 1912 Merely a Millionaire
movie 1912 Monte Cristo as Villefort
movie 1912 Pansy
movie 1912 The Bandit's Mask
movie 1912 The Cowboy's Adopted Child as George Fowler
movie 1912 The Danites
movie 1912 The Girl of the Lighthouse as Pedro
movie 1912 The Half-Breed Scout as Bill Dickson, a Scout
movie 1912 The Hobo
movie 1912 The Junior Officer
movie 1912 The Little Stowaway
movie 1912 The Love of an Island Maid
movie 1912 The Massacre of Santa Fe Trail as Juan Rosarro
movie 1912 The Massacre of the Fourth Cavalry as 2nd Lt. Clark
movie 1912 The New Woman and the Lion
movie 1912 The Polo Substitute
movie 1912 The Price He Paid
movie 1912 The Secret Wedding
movie 1912 The Shrinking Rawhide
movie 1912 The Tattoo as Dick Marks at Age 19 Years
movie 1912 The Vow of Ysobel
movie 1912 Trapper Bill, King of Scouts as Trader Shunan
movie 1911 A Cup of Cold Water
movie 1911 A Frontier Girl's Courage
movie 1911 A Painter's Idyl
movie 1911 An Evil Power
movie 1911 An Indian Vestal
movie 1911 Blackbeard
movie 1911 George Warrington's Escape as Harry Warrington
movie 1911 In the Days of Gold as Enrique Lopez
movie 1911 John Oakhurst, Gambler as Davis
movie 1911 Stability vs. Nobility
movie 1911 The Chief's Daughter
movie 1911 The Craven Heart
movie 1911 The Little Widow
movie 1911 The Night Herder as Toy - the Chinese Cook
movie 1911 The Right Name, But the Wrong Man
movie 1911 The Voyager: A Tale of Old Canada
movie 1911 Their Only Son
movie 1911 Told in the Sierras
movie 1911 Where There's a Will, There's a Way
movie 1911 Why the Sheriff Is a Bachelor

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