Royal Dano

Royal Dano (16 November 1922?15 May 1994) was an American film and television character actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Royal Dano Filmography

movie 1993 The Dark Half as Digger Holt
movie 1991 Joey Takes a Cab
movie 1990 Spaced Invaders as Wrenchmuller
movie 1988 Ghoulies II as Uncle Ned
movie 1988 Killer Klowns from Outer Space as Farmer Gene Green
tv movie 1988 Once Upon a Texas Train as Nitro Jones
tv movie 1987 Funny, You Don't Look 200: A Constitutional Vaudeville
movie 1987 House II: The Second Story as Gramps
tv movie 1987 LBJ: The Early Years as Southern Senator
movie 1986 Red Headed Stranger as Larn Claver
movie 1985 Cocaine Wars as Bailey
movie 1984 Teachers as Ditto Stiles
tv movie 1983 Murder 1, Dancer 0 as Cow John
movie 1983 Something Wicked This Way Comes as Tom Fury
tv movie 1983 The Making of 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' as Himself
movie 1983 The Right Stuff as Minister
tv movie 1983 Will There Really Be a Morning? as Ernest Farmer
movie 1982 Hammett as Pops
video movie 1981 A Dream Called Walt Disney World as Abraham Lincoln
tv movie 1981 Back to the Planet of the Apes as Farrow
movie 1981 Take This Job and Shove It as Beeber
movie 1979 In Search of Historic Jesus as Prophet
tv movie 1979 Strangers: The Story of a Mother and Daughter as Mr. Willis
tv movie 1979 The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang as Pa Dalton
tv movie 1978 Crash
tv movie 1978 Donner Pass: The Road to Survival as Sutter
movie 1978 Hughes and Harlow: Angels in Hell as Will Hays
movie 1978 The One Man Jury as Bartender
movie 1977 Bad Georgia Road as Arthur Pennyrich
tv movie 1977 Murder in Peyton Place as Bo Buehler
tv series 1977 How the West Was Won as Elam Hanks
movie 1976 Drum as Zeke Montgomery
movie 1976 The Killer Inside Me as Father
movie 1976 The Outlaw Josey Wales as Ten Spot
movie 1975 Capone as Anton J. Cermak
tv movie 1975 Huckleberry Finn as Mark Twain
movie 1975 The Wild Party as Tex
movie 1974 Big Bad Mama as Reverend Johnson
movie 1973 Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies as Jake
movie 1973 Cahill U.S. Marshal as MacDonald
movie 1973 Electra Glide in Blue as Coroner
movie 1973 Howzer as Nick Murack
movie 1973 Messiah of Evil as Joseph Long
tv movie 1972 Moon of the Wolf as Tom Sr.
movie 1972 The Culpepper Cattle Co. as Cattle Rustler
movie 1972 The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid as Gustavson
movie 1972 The Magic of Walt Disney World as Abraham Lincoln - in Hall of Presidents
tv movie 1972 The Manhunter as Pa Bocock
movie 1971 Chandler as Sal Sachese
tv movie 1971 Decisions! Decisions! as Tex
movie 1971 Machismo: 40 Graves for 40 Guns as Zach
movie 1971 Skin Game as John Brown
movie 1971 Slingshot
tv movie 1970 Run, Simon, Run as Sheriff Tacksberry
movie 1969 Backtrack! as Faraway
movie 1969 Death of a Gunfighter as Arch Brandt
movie 1969 The Undefeated as Maj. Sanders
movie 1968 Day of the Evil Gun as Dr. Eli Prather
movie 1968 If He Hollers, Let Him Go! as Carl Blair
movie 1967 The Last Challenge as Pretty Horse
movie 1967 Welcome to Hard Times as John Bear
movie 1966 Gunpoint as Ode
tv movie 1966 The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones as Otto
movie 1964 7 Faces of Dr. Lao as Carey
movie 1963 Savage Sam as Pack Underwood
tv movie 1962 Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol as Marley's Ghost
movie 1961 King of Kings as Peter
movie 1961 Posse from Hell as Uncle Billy
movie 1960 Cimarron as Ike Howes
movie 1960 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as Sheriff of Harlan
movie 1959 Face of Fire as Jake Winter
movie 1959 Hound-Dog Man as Fiddling Tom Waller
movie 1959 Never Steal Anything Small as Words Cannon
movie 1959 The Boy and the Bridge as Evangelist
movie 1959 These Thousand Hills as Ike Carmichael
movie 1958 Handle with Care as Al Lees
movie 1958 Man of the West as Trout
movie 1958 Saddle the Wind as Clay Ellison
movie 1957 All Mine to Give as Howard Tyler
movie 1957 Crime of Passion as Police Capt. Charlie Alidos
movie 1957 Man in the Shadow as Aiken Clay
movie 1957 Trooper Hook as Mr. Trude
tv movie 1956 Cavalry Patrol as Chattez
movie 1956 Moby Dick as 'Elijah'
movie 1956 Santiago as Lobo
movie 1956 Tension at Table Rock as Harry Jameson
movie 1956 Tribute to a Bad Man as Abe
movie 1955 The Trouble with Harry as Deputy Sheriff Calvin Wiggs
movie 1954 Johnny Guitar as Corey
movie 1954 The Far Country as Luke
movie 1952 Bend of the River as Long Tom
movie 1952 Carrie as Captain
movie 1951 Flame of Araby as Basra
movie 1951 The Red Badge of Courage as The Tattered Man
movie 1951 Under the Gun as Sam Nugent, trustee-gunner
movie 1950 Undercover Girl as The Moocher
movie 1949 Reign of Terror as Citizen
movie 1949 Young Doctor Sam as Doctor Sam Dennison

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