Ruby Hoffman

Ruby Hoffman Filmography

movie 1920 Cynthia of the Minute as Letty Mureal
movie 1920 The Tiger's Cub as Hilda
movie 1920 Trailed by Three
movie 1919 The Lightning Raider as Lottie
movie 1919 Upside Down as Mrs. Tammers
movie 1918 The House of Hate
movie 1918 Uncle Tom's Cabin as Cassy
movie 1917 Passion as Eugenia
movie 1917 The Dummy as Rosie Hart
movie 1917 The Fatal Ring as The Priestess
movie 1917 The Seven Deadly Sins as Eugenia
movie 1917 The Slave Market as Anna
movie 1916 A Woman's Honor
movie 1916 Her American Prince as The Vampire
movie 1916 The Law of Blood as Nancy, his wife
movie 1916 The Perils of Divorce as Alice Lorraine
movie 1916 The Summer Girl as Katheryn Green
movie 1916 Wild Oats as Cleo
movie 1915 Children of the Ghetto as Hannah
movie 1915 Keep Moving as Royal governess
movie 1915 Mistress Nell as Louise, Duchess of Portsmouth
movie 1915 Poor Schmaltz as Anne, Queen of the Reds
movie 1915 The Danger Signal as Beatrice Newnes
movie 1915 The Dictator as Juanita
movie 1915 The Fixer as Mrs. Isabel Dare
movie 1915 The Politicians as Ruby Swift
movie 1914 The Million
movie 1914 The Taint as Vera, Madame Bartlett's Assistant