Ruby Yang

Ruby Yang Filmography

movie 2012 Whisper of Minqin
movie 2012 Shanghai Stranger
video movie 2012 Shanghai Strangers
video movie 2011 Subway to Yong Chun
movie 2010 The Warriors of Qiugang
movie 2010 A Moment in Time
movie 2008 Tongzhi in Love
tv movie 2007 Terry Sanford and the New South
tv movie 2006 Chung To: Close Up & Personal
tv movie 2006 Peng Liyuan & the Fu'Ai Charity
movie 2006 The Blood of Yingzhou District
tv movie 2005 Julia's Story
tv movie 2005 Yao Ming and Children Affected b HIV/AIDS
movie 2002 China 21
video movie 2001 A Journey to Silicon Valley
movie 2000 Autumn in New York
movie 1999 Citizen Hong Kong
movie 1998 Tian yu
movie 1996 All Power to the People
movie 1995 A.K.A. Don Bonus
movie 1994 China: The Wild East
movie 1990 China Cry: A True Story
movie 1989 Zui hou de gui zu
movie 1988 Dim Sum Take Out
movie 1987 White Passage
movie 1983 Matrimony
movie 1983 Mirror Points
movie 1982 Nowhere

Ruby Yang on Youtube

A Moment in Time 聲光轉逝, a film by Oscar-winner Ruby Yang, is a one-hour documentary about the experience of the Chinese in America through the films ...

Originally from Hong Kong, Yang has worked on a range of feature and documentary films exploring Chinese themes as director and editor. In 2003, along with f ...

A life-affirming journey of self-discovery and growth. A film by Ruby Yang, presented by L plus H Creations Foundation, in association with Lee Hysan Foundat...

Nominated for an Oscar for best documentary short subject in 2011. Directed & produced by Ruby Yang. Written & produced by Thomas Lennon.