Russ Marin

Russ Marin (b. May 1, 1934; d. March 6, 2005) was an American actor who has appeared in many television shows and films from the early 1970s to the early 1990s. ... more on Wikipedia

Russ Marin Filmography

tv movie 1991 Runaway Father
tv movie 1990 Running Against Time as Doctor w
movie 1986 Deadly Friend as Dr. Johanson
tv movie 1985 Chiller as Dr. Sample
movie 1985 Stitches as Doctor Sidney Berman
movie 1984 Body Double as Frank
tv movie 1984 The Ratings Game as Sid
movie 1982 The Sword and the Sorcerer as Mogullen
tv movie 1981 Golden Gate
movie 1981 Mommie Dearest as Funeral Director
tv movie 1981 The Five of Me as Defense Attorney
tv movie 1981 Treachery and Greed on the Planet of the Apes as Damon
movie 1980 Seed of Innocence as Marv
tv movie 1980 The Asphalt Cowboy as Coroner
tv movie 1979 Fast Friends as Mac
tv movie 1979 She's Dressed to Kill as Oscar
movie 1979 The Dark as Dr. Baranowski
tv movie 1979 The Ordeal of Patty Hearst as Brawley Uncle
tv series 1979 From Here to Eternity as Tommy
movie 1978 An Enemy of the People
tv movie 1978 The Critical List as Ed Moorehead
tv series 1977 Harold Robbins' 79 Park Avenue as Doctor in Jail
movie 1976 Lifeguard as Voyeur
movie 1976 Lollipop Palace as Percy
movie 1975 Capone as Joseph Stenson
movie 1975 If You Don't Stop It... You'll Go Blind!!!
movie 1975 Inside Amy as Sgt. Harry Morris
tv movie 1974 Get Christie Love! as A.A. Chairman
movie 1973 Slaughter's Big Rip-Off as Crowder
movie 1972 Kansas City Bomber as Dick Wicks

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