Russell Bassett

Russell Bassett (24 October 1845 ? 8 May 1918) was an American film actor of the silent era. He appeared in 76 films between 1911 and 1918. ... more on Wikipedia

Russell Bassett Filmography

movie 1918 Hit-the-Trail Holliday as Burr Jason
movie 1918 The Studio Girl as Undetermined Role
movie 1917 Broadway Jones as Andrew Jones
movie 1917 Public Be Damned as David Higgins
movie 1917 Seven Keys to Baldpate as Quimby
movie 1917 The Honeymoon as Uncle Jimmy Lane
movie 1916 A Coney Island Princess as Old Mooney
movie 1916 Diplomacy as Baron Stein
movie 1916 Hulda from Holland as Uncle Peter
movie 1916 Less Than the Dust as Ahmed
movie 1916 Little Lady Eileen as Mike Cafferty
movie 1916 Nearly a King as Regent of Okam
movie 1916 The Quest of Life as Ellen's father
movie 1916 The Traveling Salesman as Martin Drury
movie 1915 David Harum as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1915 Fanchon, the Cricket as Landry's father
movie 1915 Jim the Penman as Baron Hartfeld
movie 1915 Little Pal as Sid Gerue
movie 1915 May Blossom as Tom Blossom
movie 1915 Sold as Dolbeare
movie 1915 The Commanding Officer as Col. Bingham
movie 1915 The Fatal Card as A.K. Austen
movie 1915 The Heart of Jennifer as Mr. Hale - Jennifer's Father
movie 1915 The Masqueraders as Inn Proprietor
movie 1915 The Morals of Marcus as Hamdi
movie 1915 When the Deacon Swore as Alice's Grandfather - the Minister
movie 1915 When the Mummy Cried for Help as The Professor
movie 1914 And the Villain Still Pursued Her as The Fire Chief
movie 1914 Behind the Scenes as Joe Canby
movie 1914 Could You Blame Her
movie 1914 Cupid Pulls a Tooth as Mr. Sterling - Alice's Father
movie 1914 Cupid's Close Shave as Billings the Old Barber
movie 1914 One of the Finest as Patrolman Crane
movie 1914 Scooped by a Hencoop as Mand's Father
movie 1914 She Was Only a Working Girl as Victoria's Father
movie 1914 Snobbery
movie 1914 Such a Little Queen as The Prime Minister
movie 1914 The Eagle's Mate as Rev. Hotchkiss
movie 1914 Those Persistent Old Maids as Governor Russell
movie 1914 Those Were the Happy Days as Eddie's Father-in-Law
movie 1914 What a Baby Did
movie 1914 When the Girls Joined the Force
movie 1914 When Ursus Threw the Bull as The Minister
movie 1913 A Man of the People as Bassett
movie 1913 A Tale of the West
movie 1913 A Woman's Way as Ramona's Uncle
movie 1913 Almost a Rescue as Dr. Quack
movie 1913 Cupid's Assistants as Louise's Father
movie 1913 Cupid's Bad Aim as The Girl's Father
movie 1913 Curses! Said the Villain as Ramona's Father
movie 1913 Hawkeye's Great Capture
movie 1913 He and Himself as The Judge
movie 1913 Locked Out at Twelve as Eddie's Boss
movie 1913 Teaching Dad a Lesson as Father
movie 1913 The Battle of Bull Con
movie 1913 The Country Cousin as Uncle Russell
movie 1913 The Girls and Dad as Dad
movie 1913 The Golden Princess Mine as The Old Prospector
movie 1913 The Tale of a Hat as Father Gray
movie 1913 Their Two Kids as Donald MacDonald
movie 1913 To the Brave Belong the Fair as Alice's Father
movie 1913 Under Western Skies
movie 1913 When Cupid Won as James Warner, Fred's Father
movie 1913 When His Courage Failed as Captain of Police
movie 1912 A Game of Bluff as Willis Smithson - Grace's Father
movie 1912 Beneath Western Skies as Colonel Person
movie 1912 Hearts and Skirts as The Lawyer
movie 1912 Her Friend, the Doctor as Pa Carston
movie 1912 Her Indian Hero as Mr. Mead - Veda's Father
movie 1912 Making a Man of Her
movie 1912 The Flower of the Forest as Basil Russett - an Old Settler
movie 1912 The Girls and the Chaperone as Colonel Gray
movie 1912 The Lady Barber of Roaring Gulch as Dad Allen
movie 1912 The New Clerk as The Old Grocer
movie 1912 The Ranch Girl's Choice as Tom - Ranch Foreman
movie 1912 The Shanghaied Cowboys
movie 1912 When Hearts Are Trumps as Don Pedro, a Mexican Landowner
movie 1912 When the Heart Calls as James Gordon, the Ranchman
movie 1912 Young Wild West Cornered by Apaches as The Indian Chief
movie 1912 Young Wild West Leading a Raid as The Mayor
movie 1912 Young Wild West on the Border
movie 1912 Young Wild West Trapping a Tricky Rustler as The Ranchman
movie 1912 Young Wild West Washing Out Gold as The Old Miner
movie 1912 Young Wild West's Mexican Mix-Up as Mr. Rice
movie 1912 Young Wild West's Prairie Pursuit
movie 1911 Let Us Smooth the Way as David Waldon - the Husband
movie 1911 The Best Man Wins as Farmer Russell