Ruth King

Ruth King Filmography

movie 1926 Driftin' Thru as Stella Dunn
movie 1926 The Lady from Hell as Lucy Wallace
movie 1925 Scandal Proof as Lillian Hollister
movie 1924 A Cafe in Cairo as Evelyn
movie 1924 He Who Gets Slapped as Maria Beaumont
movie 1924 The Dixie Handicap as Mrs. Bosworth
movie 1921 Alfalfa Love
movie 1921 Fifty Candles as Carlotta Drew
movie 1921 Silent Years as Mary Malden
movie 1921 The Cheater Reformed as Mrs. Edinburgh
movie 1920 A Beggar in Purple as Margaret Carlisle
movie 1920 Alias Miss Dodd as Hazel Jenkins
movie 1920 Dangerous Love as The Other Woman
movie 1920 For the Soul of Rafael as Ana Mendez
movie 1920 The Devil's Passkey as Yvonne, His Wife
movie 1918 The Pen Vulture
movie 1918 Winning Grandma as Mrs. Jasper Reading
movie 1917 Men of the Desert as May
movie 1917 Open Places as Mollie Andrews
movie 1917 The Blood of His Fathers as Amity Graham
movie 1917 The Evil Eye as Rosa
movie 1917 The Land of Long Shadows as Jeanne Verette
movie 1917 The Range Boss as Ruth Harkness

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