Ry Barrett

Ry Barrett Filmography

movie 2014 Cold Dark Mirror as Rimbeaud
movie 2014 Ejecta as Agent Higgins
movie 2014 If a Tree Falls 2: Exist to Exit as Brad Carpenter
movie 2014 Inspiration as Mark Kingsley
movie 2014 The Demolisher as Bruce
movie 2014 The Drownsman as Sebastian Donner \ The Drownsman
video movie 2014 The Making of 'Antisocial' as Himself
movie 2013 Antisocial as Chad
movie 2013 Dead All Night as Gavin Green
movie 2012 In the House of Flies as Mr. Arm
movie 2012 Love Never Dies as Ace Merrill
movie 2012 Route of Acceptance as Cory
movie 2012 Sick as Reso
movie 2011 Abolition as Carl
movie 2011 Exit Humanity as Zombie
movie 2011 I Choose Chaos as Cole
movie 2011 Kill as Richard
movie 2011 The Post-Lifers as Chad
movie 2010 Cell 213 as Prisoner
movie 2010 Dead Genesis as Danny
movie 2010 If a Tree Falls as Brad Carpenter
movie 2010 Janus as Homeless Guy
movie 2010 Neverlost as Josh Higgins
tv movie 2010 Nick Bradley Might Be an Alcoholic as Court Attendee
movie 2010 Victim: Femme Fatale
movie 2009 The Interview as Mr. Toms
video movie 2008 Numb as Adam
movie 2007 Psycho Ward as Ken
video movie 2005 Desperate Souls as Nick Randeen
movie Kingdom Come as Sam

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Well we aren't prepared to call Ry Barrett the hardest working man in showbiz but we can all agree he is no slouch. With a progressively climbing resume alre...

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