Ryan Carroll

Ryan Carroll Filmography

movie 2014 The Dead Speak Tales
movie 2014 Dead Girls
movie 2013 Thunderbolt
movie 2013 The Monster in the Basement
movie 2012 Teddy's Ransom
movie 2012 The Music Box
movie 2011 Permission
movie 2009 Beneath This Smile
video movie 2007 A Thought
video movie 2007 Just Moments...

Ryan Carroll on Youtube

A movie trailer based on the Greek Pandora myth. I made this for a language arts project. Yes, you could say I went a little overboard.

A trailer for my new series I should be coming out with soon. I got the idea for the end of the intro from Flamethrower Studios.

Our English book report project. A trailer for the Hardy Boys The Tower of Treasure.

Ryan Carroll's tandem skydive on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 with Alex at Skydive Indianapolis. Located in Frankfort, IN, Skydive Indianapolis is THE place fo...