Sab Shimono

Sab Shimono (born July 31, 1943) is an American actor. He has appeared in dozens of movies and television shows, in character roles ranging from the coroner "Painless" Kumagai in 1990's Presumed Innocent to Mister Sparkle on an episode of The Simpsons. ... more on Wikipedia

Sab Shimono Filmography

movie 2013 Family Gathering as Hiro
video movie 2013 Sex & Marriage as Mike
movie 2013 Yellow Face as HYH
movie 2011 The Arcadian as Moto
movie 2009 Half Kenneth as Takahiro
movie 2009 Old Dogs as Yoshiro Nishamura
video movie 2009 Scooby-Doo! And the Samurai Sword as Mr. Takagawa
movie 2008 The Sensei as Taki Nakano
tv movie 2007 Ben 10: Race Against Time as Old Man
movie 2007 Mamo's Weeds as Weed Doctor
movie 2006 Americanese as Wood Ding
movie 2006 Southland Tales as Hideo Takehashi
tv series 2006 Clark and Michael as Driving Range Man
movie 2005 Pawns of the King as Kazuo
movie 2004 Harlequin as Narrator
movie 2004 Worlds Apart as Teijo
movie 2003 Ice Planet as Karteez A. Rumla
movie 2003 Robot Stories as John
movie 2002 A Tradition of Honor as Narrator
movie 2002 Tomato and Eggs as Mr. Wang
movie 2000 Luminarias as Lu's Father
movie 1999 Life Tastes Good as Harry Sado
movie 1998 Frank Lloyd Wright
movie 1998 The Big Hit as Jiro Nishi
movie 1997 Paradise Road as Colonel Hirota
movie 1996 Ancestors in the Americas: Coolies, Sailors, Settlers as Himself - Narrator
movie 1995 Waterworld as Elder
movie 1994 3 Ninjas Kick Back as Koga
tv movie 1994 Murder Between Friends
movie 1994 The Shadow as Dr. Tam
movie 1993 Silent Cries as Natsume
movie 1993 Suture as Dr. Max Shinoda
movie 1993 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III as Lord Norinaga
tv movie 1991 Plymouth as Hiro
movie 1990 Come See the Paradise as Hiroshi Kawamura
tv movie 1990 Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes
movie 1990 Presumed Innocent as 'Painless' Kumagai
movie 1988 The Wash as Sadao
movie 1987 Blind Date as Mr. Yakamoto
movie 1986 Gung Ho as Saito
tv series 1986 A Year in the Life as Kwan
movie 1984 Where the Toys Come from as Kenji, the Designer
tv movie 1982 Modesty Blaise as Weng
movie 1982 The Challenge as Toshio Yoshida
movie 1981 Nice Dreams as Oriental Bus Boy at Hong Kong Restaurant
tv movie 1979 Mandrake as Ho
tv movie 1979 When Hell Was in Session as Cao
tv movie 1978 And the Soul Shall Dance as Murata
movie 1978 Rabbit Test as Chinese Leader
movie 1976 Midway as Lt. Tomonaga
tv movie 1976 Pacific Overtures as Manjiro
tv series 1976 The Krofft Supershow as Huli in
tv movie 1973 Pueblo as North Korean Officer
movie 1972 Parades as Togo
movie 1971 The Hospital
movie 1970 Loving as Byron

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There's a new porn king in town, and this ruler's got years -- as in, over half a century -- of experience. Wrinkles played at the David Henry Hwang Theater ...

Directed by D. Lee Inosanto. Starring, Louis Mandylor, Diana Lee Inosanto, Mike O'Laskey, Tzi Ma, Emily Kuroda, Sab Shimono, Mark McGraw, and Keith David.

The Sensei a film by Director Diana Lee Inosanto. Starting, Louis Mandylor, Tzi Ma, Mike O'Laskey, Diana Lee Inosanto, Sab Shimono, Emily Kuroda, Mark ...

Tomato and Eggs, Award Winning Short Film. Directed and Written by Shawn Chou. Starring Lisa Lu, Sab Shimono, Keiko Agena and Michelle Krusiec.